Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jacob Bromwell

  I was sent Jacob Bromwell's Legendary Popcorn Popper for review. This is the real deal y'all. The Jacob Bromwell Original Popcorn Popper is made the same way it has been for nearly 200 years. You can use it to make popcorn the old fashioned way in the campfire or fireplace and even on your kitchen stove. We used ours on the stove since it has been well over 100 degrees everyday for a couple of months here in Texas.

 Super easy to use, this baby makes amazing tasting homemade popcorn. I strongly prefer popcorn made in the Jacob Bromwell Popcorn Popper to the stuff you put in the microwave. Making popcorn on the stove only took five minutes so the time difference is nothing compared to the incredible difference in flavor and texture. Our popcorn turned out super light and fluffy. Almost every kernel popped on our first try. The popper has a long handle with a wooden grip so you won't burn your fingers. It is made completely of tin and handcrafted.I absolutely love this popcorn popper.

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