Saturday, May 28, 2011

Auto Cool

  I received an Auto Cool for review. You know, it is one of those As Seen On TV items. I always love seeing if these products measure up to their ads on TV. I am impressed with this one. Auto Cool is designed to cool the inside of your car using a solar powered fan. I have to say the solar part of this baby works beautifully.The fan actually started spinning just sitting on my patio table while waiting for Hubby to install it.This fan spins really fast.
 Once installed, (super easy installation by the way) the fan does a good job moving the hot air out of your car. I notice an improvement in the feel of the interior temp of my car. Here in Texas it tends to get a little warm inside the car after a long day at work. With Auto Cool from As Seen On TV you can tell a difference. I really like that.
Here is the description from the website:
The Auto Cool is a product that has been designed to help cool your car down while it sits in the sun waiting for you. That way when  you jump into the car it will not blast your with hot air the minute you sit down.

Auto Cool features a solar panel that absorbs sunlight and converts it into energy to power built in fan unit. This fan will constantly blow out all that hot air that accumulates in your car as it sits in the sun.

Simply place the Auto Cool on the top edge of your window. Roll down the window facing the sun, put the Auto Cool into place, roll up your window and you're done!

What is best, is that the Auto Cool does not require any batteries since it is solar powered, so it is better on the environment and better on your wallet!

So, do not fear melting in your car again. No more steering wheels and shift knobs that are too hot to touch-- no more unbearably hot leather or vinyl upholestry!

Every Auto Cool order comes with:

  • Auto Cool solar-powered ventilator unit
  • Cup Holder Caddy
Order now and get the Cup Holder Caddy for free. Organize your car with this convenient multi-slotted caddy that fits in your extra cup holder!
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Ready to buy? Head on over to and get a few. One for each car, some for family and friends.

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