Friday, May 13, 2011

Robert Pierre EP

Y'all really need to check out this great newcomer to Christian music. Robert Pierre is an 18 year old high school student from around Orlando Florida. I don't know if it's the sand and sun or just raw talent, but this guy is awesome.
Robert's voice is amazing. I really enjoy his lyrics and upbeat music.
Robert Pierre's pop styling echoes his love for God.
I am very impressed by this new artist. This is just the beginning of a tremendously successful musical career.

Y'all want to hear the four songs I got to listen too? check out this link.

Here are the links to the lyrics so you can sing along:
               SONG LYRICS:
               1.  Jesus:
               2.  You Hold Me Now:
               3.  Breaking My Heart:
               4.  Identity:

AND, if you're interested in downloading all four songs for FREE to have on your own computer or ipod, provides that downloadable zip file of the 4 songs when you enter your email address, postal code & click NEXT (just under the online player).  After you click NEXT, NoiseTrade will email you a link that you can quickly click to have the 4 songs downloaded.

The full CD is scheduled to release 7/29/2011

Check out this video of Robert and his friends having fun doing some pretty cool basketball trick shots around a pool.

 Robert Pierre Mini BIO
       “Robert Pierre is an 18-year-old with a big voice and an even bigger heart; a talented
       musician and a singer-songwriter who has managed to juggle a music career with his
       high school honors course work. Robert grew up in a Christian home and knew about
       Christ all his life, but it wasn't until he was confronted by a teacher in seventh grade
       that he gave his life to Christ.    "He looked at me and asked me one simple question,"
       Robert explained, "He asked,''If you were to die right now, and were standing at the
       gates of heaven, and God asked you why He should let you in... what would you say?'
       And all I could think to answer honestly was that He shouldn't..."  The Spirit used that
       moment to bring Robert to a point of repentance and salvation that changed his life forever.
       It was at that time that Robert committed his talents to the glory of God alone.  Soon,
       the Lord began to open doors of opportunity for Robert to minister to people through music.
       Robert has already released two nationally distributed records, with three singles hitting
       the Billboard Christian AC Top 50 hit list.  In addition to performing at summer festivals,
       Christian fund raisers, teen camps, youth groups and schools, Robert has toured nationally
       with the junior high "Believe" Tour, the inaugural "iShine" Tour and the nation’s largest
       Christian tour "Winter Jam 2010." This last year, he has spent his time writing and recording
       his third record, titled “I’m All In,” which is representative of Robert’s passion for not only
       talking about his Christian faith, but living sold out for Christ.  The project has been co-written
       and produced by award winning songwriters and producers Matt Bronleewe and Jason Ingram.
       Robert not only sings on this aIbum, but wrote on 10 out of 11 songs, played guitar for the
       recording, and sang back up vocals.

       Robert's FACEBOOK page:
 Why don't you give his music a listen and post your opinion on his facebook page 

Texas Kitchen will be having a giveaway of Roberts new CD when it comes out this summer.
come on back and enter.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EarDoc-Natural Treatment for Ear Infections -Review

    Hey y'all, I got to try out this cool new device called EarDoc. EarDoc is a natural treatment for ear infections.

EarDoc can be used for numerous ear issues. The ones listed on the package are:

Otis Media
Swimmer's Ear Hearing Loss
Trapped Fluids and Gas in the Middle Ear
Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
Air Travelers

I personally tried EarDoc out on my ears that are clogged from allergies. If I do not get my ears to drain properly I sometimes end up with an ear infection. 
 Ear infections and ear pain are no fun for any of us, but with my ears clogged I even get vertigo. Really Really Not Fun. 
 The first time I tried out EarDoc I was a little leery about the vibrations messing with my vertigo even more.  I read the instructions and sat down while using it. The instant I put EarDoc behind my ear I could feel it working on the blockage. It seems to work by the tiny vibrations literally shaking the clog loose.
 I did not get dizzy from the vibration at all. Yeah, I hate being dizzy. After using EarDoc for about a week now, I can actually hear a little better and I have not had a dizzy vertigo spell since.
 I personally love the EarDoc and will continue to use it. 

Check out this You tube video about EarDoc from the show the Doctors:

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Ready to buy? Head on over to EarDoc and get ya one and maybe one for a friend.