Friday, July 15, 2011

"The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer" and "The Steamie 3 pc System"

 Texas Kitchen got to test out "The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer" and "The Steamie 3 pc System" These are two really cool As Seen On TV products that are worth the money in my opinion.

  Lets start with "The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer". This fun invention is my favorite of the two. Mainly because I am a hot dog junkie. It is an innovative way to cook your hotdogs on the stove while having the ability to steam the hotdog buns using the steam from the cooking hot dogs.

melting the cheese after the hotdogs are done
  The whole family likes the way the buns steam along with the hot dogs cooking. I was afraid the bread would be soggy so I was a bit skeptical. First taste and I was hooked. The store bought bun tasted like it was just baked moments ago. Not soggy at all. The bun was perfect Since we were doing a test we made one hotdog with the bun not steamed. It just wasn't the same. The steamed bun won the taste test hands down. A big difference in flavor and texture.

"The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer" is super simple to use Y'all know this video from TV:

The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer has adjustable handles to fit any pot*
Handles suspend the bun steaming platform above the cooking hotdogs. A cross shaped opening allows tongs to reach through, open and grasp to retreive the cooked hotdogs from below without having to remove the steaming grill. The unique shaped handles hold the lid in place for better steaming and create a gap for venting so the water doesn't boiling over.

 Next we got out Hubby's favorite the "The Steamie 3 pc System" This one one cool set up. You can use it to steam. boil deep fry etc...See how incredibly easy it is to make your entire meal in and over one pot.  Here they are boiling shrimp, steaming fish and asparagus and warming up a tasty sauce in the middle. All at the same time. What a time saver. Not to mention less dishes and less electricity or gas used for the stove. Here in Texas it gets plenty hot. The idea of just heating up one burner to make dinner keeps my air conditioning bill down as well. I love this set.

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Coy Hair Products Giveaway

 Coy Hair Products sent me over  a sampling of several of their hair care products for review as well as full size versions of Kink and Groom.  Coy Hair is the creation of two friends that saw the need for a straightforward, high-quality, very functional and efficient hair care products.

 I love that Coy is meant for real women who do their hair, themselves, every morning. Let's face it y'all not all of us are skilled in the hair styling department. Coy Hair Products have a page on their site packed full of stylist tips that you can check out . I learned quite alot.

 The first products I tried out were Coy's Nourish Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Both have a very pleasant fragrance and left my hair feeling very soft and silky after just one use.

Description: Nourish Shampoo is a sulfate free, vitamin rich, moisturizing formula that gently cleanses hair while providing essential nutrients.
Description: Nourish Conditioner is a color safe salve of aloe, horsetail extract, jojoba and safflower oil.  Adds luster and shine to your hair.

 The next products I tested were Build Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.  Using this combo my hair felt heavier than normal. It styled very well after use.

Description: Build Thickening Shampoo cleans and fortifies hair without build-up.  Fruit extracts and Chinese herbs leave hair fuller and thicker.
Description: Build Thickening Conditioner invigorates and fortifies hair using fruit extracts and Chinese herbs. Build leaves hair fuller and thicker without any product build up.

 I also tried Reveal Deep Cleansing Shampoo. This one helps get rid of all the styling products we put on our hair as well as pollutants that attach themselves to our hair in everyday life.

Description: Reveal Deep Cleansing Shampoo provides the deep clean your hair needs to remove environmental pollutants and product build up.  Our invigorating shampoo gives hair a new lease on life.

Polish Finishing Serum is great for adding sheen to your hair making you feel a little more luxurious. No more out of place hairs. 

Description: Polish Finishing Serum magically transforms dull or fly-away hair into a soft, shiny, lustrous mane.

 Kink is my favorite. I have naturally curly hair but our air is dry here in central Texas. Kink helps my curls stay looking great all day without worry.

Description: Kink Curl Cream enhances your natural curls by adding definition, smoothing fly-aways and controlling frizz.

Groom is a much thicker product, but it is super easy to apply. I had no problem at all styling my hair. No flyaway s, excellent hold but my hair still stayed soft.

Description: Groom Styling Cream is a versatile, medium hold, high shine styling cream.  Groom sets your style with pliable structure while adding texture and mobility.

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 Ready to buy? Head on over to Coy Hair Products and get ya some.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Prem Soaps: Organic and Vegan, Kitchen-made in Brooklyn with Love

Prem soaps sent over some of their products for review. Prem Soaps has some of the most innovative fragrance combinations I have seen. Y'all may be wondering where the name Prem came from. Well Prem means Love. The folks at Prem soaps put a little love into everything they make.

Here are some of their many soap scents:

Perfect for itchy or acne-irritated skin. Antiseptic tea tree oil is blended with sweet, calming ground chamomile flowers.

 Leaves your skin feeling amazingly clean. Love that it has tea tree oil. That is so good for your skin. Quality ingredients make all the difference.

Just in time for spring, this soap reminds us of the great outdoors! Crisp and fresh, yet warming pine essential oil and calming lavender come together.
This is a truly beautiful soap. It has a refreshing scent and lathers nicely. Leaves a clean fresh feel to your skin.

Both visually beautiful and great-smelling, clove with pink rose petals blends the delicate scent of roses with the warm, uplifiting scent of cloves.
 This is a very unique soap you can actually see the rose petals in the bar. Absolutely gorgeous. Love the scent too.
Prem Soaps also makes these great lip balms 

Organic ground cinnamon and spicy cinnamon essential oil are combined to create a natural lip plumper. Our most glamorous gloss!
Comes in this great little tin with a lid that slides to the side. Apply with fingertip or your favorite applicator brush. Great Natural cinnamon flavor. gave my lips a glossy shine

Warm vanilla-scented balm makes for sexy, kissable lips. 
 Very slippery on the lips. tastes great. This is one of those you will want to "share" with your significant other. Long lasting flavor and shine.

 Prem Soaps also sells Soy Wax Massage Candles:

This candle brings the fresh smells of summer indoors! Refreshing to mind, body and spirit.
Wax is soft even before you light the candle. Easy to enjoy. Trim the wick and light the candle. Wait about twenty minutes for the wax to melt, then blow out the candle. Apply the warm oil to skin and massage in. Oil is warm but not hot. Strong fragrance stays on skin.

Cedarwood and Patchouli Salt Scru
Salt Scrubs:
Made with a combination of sweet almond oil and avocado oil, this scrub is both deep-penetrating and revives skin's natural glow. This scrub smells musky-sweet and woodsy. Many people think patchouli creates an amorous atmosphere - watch out, lovers!

My favorite product is their Cedarwood and Patchouli Salt Scrub. You have to stir this one up a bit before you use it. The fragranced oil and salt mixture separate a bit. That is normal in salt scrubs. I love the cute way they use canning jars to emphasize the fact that their scrubs are kitchen-made. The scent combination of cedarwood and patchouli is very sensuous. After using this scrub, my skin felt incredibly smooth and like the oils are holding in all the moisture. The scent lingered throughout the night.

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Ready to buy? Head on over to Prem Soaps and get ya some.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Impel Clothing

Everyone likes new clothes. Especially when the fit well and look great on you. Impel Clothing sent me a couple of their stylish pieces for review.

Impel Clothing describes themselves as:

Fashionable Modest Clothing for Women

Welcome to Impel Clothing! We are a modest women’s boutique specializing in basic, yet fashionable layering tees and vintage inspired modest clothing for women. Our modestly fitted cap-sleeve, long-sleeve, and v-neck tees have become known for their quality and durability, as have our essential camis. We truly hope that you love Impel as much as we do.

Long Essential Camisole - Basic Colors

This Cami is very soft. Nice and stretchy. Super Comfortable. It can be worn with so many styles. It is perfect for most anyone. Long Essential Cami comes in 6 basic and several seasonal colors.

Long Essential Camisole - Basic Colors
~Extra long length, perfect for layering
~Fitted though the body
~Super-soft, flexible fit

With narrow shoulder straps and a finely finished neckline, this cami is perfect for lounging, layering under a sheer shirt, or covering the gap between the midriff and your favorite low-rise pants. 

Long-Sleeve Lace Tee 

This top is very well made. Does not snag easily like some laces. I really like the way this shirt looks on. It is form fitting to my figure. Hubby liked it very much.  Long Sleeve Lace Tee comes in 10 beautiful colors.

Long-Sleeve Lace Tee
~Comfortable, stretchy lace
~Pretty lace trim around collar

Lace! Lace! Lace! This is a must have for your vintage look this season. Show off your favorite cap sleeve tee underneath, or layer it under your favorite short sleeve sweater for a subtle feminine touch.

Impel Clothing also sells
Sweaters and Cardigans
Shrugs, Boleros and Vest Tops

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Ready to buy? Head on over to Impel Clothing and get ya some of these great clothes.

THREE60 Gear

 THREE60 Gear sent Hubby one of their fantastic dugout style photo shirts for review. When it came in my teenage daughter saw it and went "Wow, That is so Cool". When Hubby came home and saw the shirt I got a kiss on the cheek and, " Thank you baby, that is an awesome shirt, I love it"
 I tell you this because Three60 Gear is loved by people of all ages. What a great gift idea for the sports enthusiast on your list.

 The shirt Hubby received was the Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox T-Shirt . The material is light weight but you can tell it will last. You know quality workmanship. Everyone who has seen the shirt is amazed by the photo on the shirt. It seems like you are standing right in the scene. Very Realistic.
Each t-shirt is hand crafted with extreme care. This shirt is so cool it even has it's own serial number.
Quick Overview
• Handcrafted
• Anti-microbial
• Moisture Wicking
Your one-of-a-kind Three60 Gear™ original photo t-shirt has been created by hand using vivid action baseball photos.  The performance fabric includes wicking, anti-microbial properties, and is dye sublimated resulting in white areas near seams, creases or folds.  These are marks of the authentic handcrafted process.

THREE60 Gear sells Photo shirts for MLB, NBA and will soon carry NHL
You get to choose your favorite team and player. THREE60 has Adult and Youth sizes to suit everyone in their apparel.

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Ready to get yourself or a sports fan you know some of this great gear. Head on over to THREE60 Gear and get ya some.
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