Friday, July 15, 2011

Coy Hair Products Giveaway

 Coy Hair Products sent me over  a sampling of several of their hair care products for review as well as full size versions of Kink and Groom.  Coy Hair is the creation of two friends that saw the need for a straightforward, high-quality, very functional and efficient hair care products.

 I love that Coy is meant for real women who do their hair, themselves, every morning. Let's face it y'all not all of us are skilled in the hair styling department. Coy Hair Products have a page on their site packed full of stylist tips that you can check out . I learned quite alot.

 The first products I tried out were Coy's Nourish Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. Both have a very pleasant fragrance and left my hair feeling very soft and silky after just one use.

Description: Nourish Shampoo is a sulfate free, vitamin rich, moisturizing formula that gently cleanses hair while providing essential nutrients.
Description: Nourish Conditioner is a color safe salve of aloe, horsetail extract, jojoba and safflower oil.  Adds luster and shine to your hair.

 The next products I tested were Build Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner.  Using this combo my hair felt heavier than normal. It styled very well after use.

Description: Build Thickening Shampoo cleans and fortifies hair without build-up.  Fruit extracts and Chinese herbs leave hair fuller and thicker.
Description: Build Thickening Conditioner invigorates and fortifies hair using fruit extracts and Chinese herbs. Build leaves hair fuller and thicker without any product build up.

 I also tried Reveal Deep Cleansing Shampoo. This one helps get rid of all the styling products we put on our hair as well as pollutants that attach themselves to our hair in everyday life.

Description: Reveal Deep Cleansing Shampoo provides the deep clean your hair needs to remove environmental pollutants and product build up.  Our invigorating shampoo gives hair a new lease on life.

Polish Finishing Serum is great for adding sheen to your hair making you feel a little more luxurious. No more out of place hairs. 

Description: Polish Finishing Serum magically transforms dull or fly-away hair into a soft, shiny, lustrous mane.

 Kink is my favorite. I have naturally curly hair but our air is dry here in central Texas. Kink helps my curls stay looking great all day without worry.

Description: Kink Curl Cream enhances your natural curls by adding definition, smoothing fly-aways and controlling frizz.

Groom is a much thicker product, but it is super easy to apply. I had no problem at all styling my hair. No flyaway s, excellent hold but my hair still stayed soft.

Description: Groom Styling Cream is a versatile, medium hold, high shine styling cream.  Groom sets your style with pliable structure while adding texture and mobility.

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