Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kopali Organics

“Good for you. Good for farmers. Good for earth.” that is the motto of Kopali Organics. They are dedicated to helping small farmers around the world. You can check out their history and story here. I love that Kopali is dedicated to helping the environment by creating a more sustainable and compassionate world for all.

Kopali Organics sells Fruits, Chocolates and a Mix. I was able to try out the Mulberries and Chocolate Covered Bananas.

 The Organic Mulberries are the best dried mulberries I have ever had. They have a texture and flavor almost like a raisin for those of you who have never tried a dried mulberry. Mulberries are packed full of vitamin C and dietary fiber.

 The Chocolate Covered Bananas are covered, and I mean covered in delicious dark chocolate. Absolutely wonderful flavor. I can't describe how good these are. I love the dark chocolate and banana combination.

 Product info from the website:


Perfectly sweet, chewy, crunchy, craveable natural goodness.
Pure fruit + dark chocolate grown and produced sustainably
in artisan small batches for exceptional quality and flavor

- 100% organic, pure, and natural
- Rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & fiber
- No cholesterol, no trans fats
- No dairy, no animal products, vegan
- Directly supporting small sustainable farmers,
  Fair Trade Certified

Inside our chocolates (and on their own)...
Kopali fruits are picked fully ripe, for all their intense natural flavor, sweetness and nutrients, and then dried immediately right on site. No sugar, no sulfites, no oil – absolutely nothing added.
Chocolate Cacao Nibs, Chocolate Espresso Beans, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Goji Berries, Chocolate Mulberries
Mango, Pineapple, Mulberries, Goldenberries, Superfood Mix (Goji Berries, Mulberries, Pistachios and Cacao Nibs)
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Ready to buy head on over to Kopali and get ya some, also available on Amazon.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gracious Gourmet Review

 The amazing folks at Gracious Gourmet sent me some samples of their outstanding products for review. Gracious Gourmet sells top quality, beautifully made, absolutely delicious chutneys, pestos, spreads and tapenades.

The first one we tried out was Chile Red Pepper Tapenade.
It is excellent. I love the fiery flash of flavor in the after bite. It is really tasty right out of the jar. The flavor of the roasted peppers is really good.

Roasted red peppers are combined with garlic, cilantro and parsley and slowly cooked in olive oil with mild and spicy chile peppers. There is a hint of heat at the finish which will never overwhelm the palate.

Second one was as pleasing as the first. It was the Dried Fruit Chutney. It is not to sweet, You can really taste the dried fruits. I can taste each one individually. I guess that is because they started with dried fruits. It makes each fruit stand out.
A mélange of dried cherries, cranberries, dates, and apricots combined with fresh apples. Indian-inspired spices enhance the fruits and produce a full-flavored complement for many foods.

Third is my absolute favorite. Balsamic Four Onion Spread has amazing flavor, really really excellent. People that don't like onions would love this one. The four types of onions dance across your tongue. The flavor lingers slightly making you want another taste.
Four different onions caramelized with balsamic vinegar, sugar and a special blend of spices complement an endless list of dishes.

 The last one we tried actually made my husband do the "Dang that's good dance" you know the one when something tastes so good you just gotta do a little dance. Fig Almond Spread has a very nice fig flavor. I love the mix of figs and and almonds.
A luscious pairing of dried figs, fresh fig puree, and sliced almonds with hints of orange, lemon and lime enlivens everything from duck to ice cream.

 Here are links to the great products for sale through Gracious Gourmet:

 If you are looking for some great recipes you can download the recipe PDF booklet here

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Ready to buy some of the really delicious products head on over to the Gracious Gourmet online store and get ya some. You can even go to their find a retailer page and find where Gracious Gourmet is available near you

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fairytale Brownies

 Fairytale Brownies sent me a dozen of their absolutely wonderful brownies for review. The dozen were all individually wrapped and came in 12 amazing flavors. The addition of Belgian chocolates makes these brownies moist and delicious.

  First up was Walnut.These are nice sized brownies. Walnut was covered in good sized walnut pieces. The brownie was moist. It was sweet but not so sweet that you can't taste the chocolate. No bitter taste in the walnuts. Elegant, creamy.

  The White Chocolate brownie has a striping of white chocolate on the top. It is really really creamy. It's a little sweeter than the walnut. Delicious flavor.

  Pecan halves abound on top of the Pecan Brownie. They are very creamy and smooth. This one melts in your mouth. I could just sit here and at 6 or 7 of em.

  Cream Cheese swirls ripple through the top of these. Cream Cheese brings out the sweetness of the brownie. Super creamy, amazing five star brownie.

 The Caramel brownie has a line of caramel filling. It is like chocolate based liquid sugar. Sweet, like fudge.

 Zig zags of peanut butter decorate the top of this decadent find. Peanut butter brownie is as pretty as it is yummy.

Fairytale Brownie's Original Brownie is a darn good brownie full of chocolatey goodness.

  Chocolate Chip Brownie has the same great creamy Belgian chocolate flavor with the addition of chocolate chips

The Espresso Nib Brownie is covered in tiny flecks of espresso nibs. Their pleasant crunchy texture intertwines with the decadent chocolate to create a delightful treat

Raspberry Swirl Brownie is beautifully decorated with lines of raspberry flavor. You can taste the raspberry, but it does not overpower the chocolate. My husband's favorite.

The Mint Chocolate Brownie is striped with very refreshing mint chocolate flavor

 Light colored bands of toffee decorate the top of Toffee Crunch Brownie. There is more toffee flavor than chocolate. Pleasingly delicious.

 Fairytale Brownies has gift packaging for most occasions.Here is an example: Click on the links below for more ideas:

    Welcome Baby Sprite 36

    Treat a large group with this triple dozen assortment of snack-size Fairytale Sprites. Twelve delicious flavors are tucked inside our classic gift box and wrapped in a Welcome Baby band.
    • 36 Fairytale Sprites, 3 each: Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Cream Cheese, Espresso Nib, Mint Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pecan, Raspberry Swirl, Toffee Crunch, Walnut and White Chocolate.

    Admin Day

    Birthday Gifts

    Congratulations Gifts

    Easter Gifts

    Mother's Day

    Patriotic Gifts

    Thank You Gifts

    Thinking of You Gifts

    Welcome Baby Gifts

    They even have gift cards and 3, 6 and  12 month gift clubs:

    Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on each delivery!

    Classic Tower

    Send the gift that keeps giving with our new Fairytale Gift Club! They will remember your generosity for months to come!

    Choose the 3-Month, 6-Month or 12-Month Fairytale Gift Club and the first month they'll receive a Classic Tower (pictured right) with a certificate announcing more gifts to come - you choose the start date. In the next two, five or 11 consecutive months, they'll receive each month's designated gift.

    Fairytale Brownies and supporters have raised $53,000 of the $72,000 needed to build a KaBOOM! playground in Tempe, AZ! Help us reach our March goal. Make your donation on behalf of “Fairytale Brownies Playground Project”. Thanks for your support!

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