Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Carol Maggio's Facercise is a cool new way to make changes to your face without having to go through plastic surgery. Facercise uses a combination of physical and mental exercise s for the face that can transform the look of your face in as little as fourteen days.

 The kit comes with two Cd's one DVD and a set of instructional cards. First you will need to watch the DVD to see how to do each of the Facercises properly. I have to admit I felt kind of silly doing them at first. I realize now that you  honestly feel as though your face got it's own workout when you are finished with the eight minute set. Eight minutes y'all. In such little time you can change the appearance of your face and stay looking younger. Facercise helps tone and firm your skin helping you look your best. We take time to exercise the rest of our bodies. Now it's time to Facercise as well.

** This Month Only: FREE Beauty Face Mitt included!
Facercise® is a series of synergistic facial exercises which has been successfully implemented by millions of clients worldwide.
 Thirteen face exercises taught with detail and added resistance for quicker toning and firming. Plus an 8 Minute Super Set for those busy days.
One instructional DVD and one CD with such intricate detail - you will feel as if you are in a private class with Carole. A second CD with the 8 Minute Super Set for home or auto.

Travel Cards included for that next trip.

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They sell more than just the Facercise Set I received. You can also find items in these categories as well:


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