Thursday, July 28, 2011

Grateful Body

 Grateful Body sent me  a set of their products for review. I have to say I really enjoy using the skincare products from Grateful Body. They really know Luxurious Skincare

I started with Grateful Body's Hydrating Cleanse. I thought it cleansed my face very well. The cleanser itself is  creamy yellow. I did not get much for lather but it smells amazing. Kinda citrusy and floral at the same time
Description from their website
A moisturizing, softening creamy cleanser. Effective yet gentle - cleanses thoroughly while leaving the skin feeling comfortable, never tight or dry.
 Genuine Benefits
This gentle cleanser dissolves dirt and oil and rinses clean leaving your skin smooth and comfortable.  A purifying blend of plant oils and herbs balances skin and hydration levels for a clear glowing complexion.

After a good cleansing I moved onto Toner - Dry to Normal Skin The toner is cooling and smells like cucumbers. I enjoy this part of the beauty regimen. So easy to apply simply spray onto face.

Description from their website
 A skin-quenching moisture mist filled with nutrients to hydrate
and firm while promoting the skin's natural equilibrium.

 Genuine Benefits
This facial Toner is specially designed for skin types that range between dry and normal.  Toner's are an important part of your healthy skin care ritual, helping to purify and hydrate your skin.  With regular use, our Toner works to plump the skin as cells drink up this nourishing herbal infusion and utilize the nutrients to help minimize the appearance of enlarged pores and build a more toned complexion.

 I followed these two steps up with Sea Cell Serum
This cream colored liquid has an herbal scent. Feels nice on the face. I love that Grateful Body uses natural ingredients in all of their products. No pesky chemicals on my skin Yeah.

Description from their website

Precious Ocean Potion!The dynamic life force of the sea yields abundant ocean
nutrients that simultaneously feed, purify, and firm your skin!

Genuine Benefits
Because of the unique chemical composition of oceanic saltwater, sea plants that grow in this environment are filled with unique and essential micro-nutrients not commonly found on land.  As further evidence of the interconnectedness of all life, it is interesting to note that salt water from the sea and the human blood plasma are biologically similar - so it is not hard to appreciate the healing benefit of sea plants for the human body.  Skin, especially, is strengthened by this relationship.  Sea Cell Serum is the magic ocean potion for the skin, for no matter your skin type or age, you can experience the beautifying benefits provided by marine nourishment.

 Last item to try is my favorite one. Midnight Oil smells almost intoxicating. This is a truly luxurious body oil. It moisturizes and makes your skin feel fantastic.You can even use it as a massage helper. It allows your hands to glide easily over your partner without any greasy or oily feel.

Description from their websiteOur exquisite blend of the most pure, transcendent plant oils and essential oils!
This incomparably nourishing body oil contributes to silky, healthy skin while
providing a comforting antidote to the effects of stress and hurry. The soothing,
subtle scent is popular with both men and women, and has a relaxing, grounding
effect on the mind and emotions.  A truly wonderful body oil. 

Genuine Benefits
We are fortunate to have direct access to some of the most robust, pristine and beneficial plant oils available on this planet.  These expeller-pressed oils are unrefined, unbleached, unprocessed and not subject to high heat, petrosolvents, or chemicals.  Delicious and expensive, our organic and biodynamic oils are completely biologically sustainable.  Because of their high nutritive profiles, they easily align with the lipid needs of the skin.  The skin cell, a dynamic universe in miniature, uses these indispensable oils to keep overall skin texture healthy, soft and smooth.

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