Saturday, July 2, 2011

iWavecube Review

 Ok y'all, Have I got a cool product for you to check out. iWavecube sent me one of their protable microwaves for review. This thing is so cool. Tired of traveling and staying at hotels that want to charge you an extra $10 -$20 a night for the use of a microwave in your room? No problem with iWavecube. This great little model s the perfect size for travel, boats, camping, hunting or fishing camp, small apartments, office, dorm use etc... It is small but not too small. The heating space is large enough to heat a cup of coffee, pastry, pop some popcorn and even heat up leftovers or a bowl of soup etc...

iWavecube is stylish and comes in black, silver and white and will soon come in many other colors to fit into any decor.

The iWavecube I received for review is silver. It matches my other kitchen gadget beautifully. I love the easy carry handle.

Best-Selling Small Silver Microwave

It’s so tiny and compact that it can be easily stored and used anywhere. The iWavecube is also so quiet that you can use it anytime, whether it be early in the morning, late at night or in your office cubicle without disturbing anyone around.

This Silver Mini Microwave Was Made Just For You

The fold up handle and light weight of only 12 pounds makes the silver mini microwave portable and unique. There’s nothing quite like the iWavecube. It’s designed specifically to meet your needs whether it’s on your next camping trip or on your desk at work. The small microwave also makes the best unique anniversary, birthday or housewarming gift. Order yours online today.

Measures 10.5"W x 10"D x 12"H

Heating cavity is .3 cubic feet (8"W x 8"D x 6"H)
600 watts

 The control panel of this little wonder is quite simple to operate. It even has a lock out function so young hands won't get themselves in trouble.

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iWavecube and get a few.

Italy, known for its culture and beauty ~ the source of inspiration for Pelle Beauty™

 Pelle Beauty sent me their core products for review. These products are amazing. These are the products that actually work well and truly improve the look and feel of your skin. I absolutely love Pelle Beauty. This innovative company uses plant based ingredients including essential oils that are really good for your skin. Pelle Beauty does not use
irritating ingredients such as synthetic fragrance, dyes, sulphates, parabens and lanolin.


 Gently clean your skin without sulphates, synthetic fragrances or dyes. Our Gentle Cleansing Gel is SLS free and great for all skin types, especially sensitive. For face & body.

 This natural cleanser does an excellent job of removing dirt, makeup etc... from your face without being harsh.

Our Hydrating Face Cream is formulated with  botanical  extracts and pure essential oils designed to target hydrate, renew and  nourish dull complexions. Treat your skin to luxury.

The stuff not only feels incredible on but it smells so good you almost want to eat it. I prefer to use products that smell good cuz really, who is going to want to get close to you if you smell of chemicals.

 Our Facial Concentrates are free  from water, fillers, preservatives, and petrolatum based  ingredients. They’re in their purest form, undiluted to provide quick  results and lasting benefits. We use a powerhouse of plant based  ingredients which are readily absorbed by your skin; making it a safer  alternative to most typical moisturizers. Our  concentrates are one of  the kindest things you can do for your skin. Come and get your glow on! 

Pelle Infusions is my favorite product from Pelle Beauty It feels amazing on and after using Pelle Infusions for only a few days my skin looked more radiant and smooth.

Here is a video about  Pelle Infusions:

 Our Citrus Facial Mist is gentle and made for all skin types. Made with  Grapefruit, Lime and Lavender essential oils. Aloe and Rose floral water  add moisture and refine your complexion.

 This facial mist has an invigorating smell and feel. it also has a slight cooling effect. Love it.

 Made with raw cocoa butter, our lip balms natural chocolate aroma is  simply intoxicating. A decadent way to treat your lips.  Our lip balms  are Vegan standard. Three aroma’s to choose from for your pout!
The natural chocolate flavor to this lip balm makes it a winner in my book.

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Zmei Skincare

 Zmei Skincare sent me their entire collection for review. When I opened the box i was amazed at what I saw. I looked through the products and immediately went to try a few out. Over the next week I proceeded to try out the entire collection and could really tell everything works well. I am really impressed with Zmei's products. Let me tell y'all about em.

Zmei's Purifying Facial Cleanser
smells amazing. This foaming cleanser cleans impurities from your face leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy.

A gentle, oil-free, cleanser that will not dry the skin or leave it feeling greasy. Formulated with an exclusive blend of natural amino acid cleansers that melts away makeup and thoroughly removes excess surface oils, surface impurities and harmful topical bacteria, leaving skin soft, fresh and clean. An advanced mineral complex helps maintain the skin’s own fragile chemistry while promoting the skin’s ability to retain moisture and detoxify itself at the cellular level. Perfect for dry or oily skin.
Spray on  Zmei's Balancing Toner after cleansing. This one has a real clean smell. Slight touch of citrus within the herbal fragrance. Feels great when applied.

This technologically advanced formula helps proivde a barrier between compromised skin surfaces and the environment, and prepares the skin for the Z Mei Replenishing (AM) or Regenerating (PM) treatments. Utilizing Alpha and Beta Glucans, Z Mei Balancing Toner helps boost the skin’s own natural recovery system that promotes a restored, revitalized and renewed appearance. Multiple dynamic hydrating ingredients combined with the exclusive Z Meizome helps provide anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic benefits to calm surface disturbances, while locking in moisture, helping to keep skin smooth, soft and supple.

A little goes a long way with Zmei's Regenerating Night Treatment I like that it does not leave your skin feeling all greasy like some night creams.

This highly active moisturizing treatment has been particularly formulated to help regenerate damaged skin tissue as well as restore and rehydrate the skin’s moisture content. A protein-rich and emollient balance of soy-based ingredients that closely matches the skin’s natural lipid chemistry helps boost the skin’s cellular ability to cleanse and regulate itself, making this formulation excellent for maturing skin and for those affected by hormonal changes. Concentrated natural Soy Isoflavones, marine-based cellular stimulators, and the exclusive Z Meizome helps increase collagen and elastin production, improve skin elasticity, help control discoloration, and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Wake up to skin that is firmer, smoother and clearer, more young-looking and radiant..

Applied twice daily Zmei's Correcting Eye Cream helps erase those fine lines around the yes we all get as we get older.

Z Mei's Perfecting Eye Cream is the perfect natural formula skin care treatment specifically created for daily use on the delicate skin around the eyes. This light, but rich cream features an effective nutritive cocktail with powerful anti-oxidants that nourishes and smoothes the fragile tissues around the eye, which are prone to exhibiting a dry crepe-like texture as we age. It also helps normalize and correct skin lipid chemistry, increasing elasticity while instantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perfecting Eye Cream is specially formulated for wearing all day under makeup, allowing foundations, powders, eye shadow and brow liner to go on perfectly with no dried-out or smeary look. The non-irritating natural ingredients in this luxurious cream will feel comfortable all day long, no matter how active you are.

Zmei's Retoning Hand and Body Moisture Therapy glides on beautifully. My usually dry hands looked and felt much better after only one use. Since Hubby gets dry skin too we tried using a little for a foot massage. It worked really well. My hands slid easily on his feet. I heard a few nice words. Hubby's feet look and feel great now. Our skin continues to improve as we use Zmei's products.

This unique bio-technologically advanced lotion helps correct and enhance your skin’s chemistry, restoring the delicate lipid balance at the cellular level to impart a smooth, more youthful and radiant appearance. This whole-body treatment’s unique natural delivery system helps provide the precise blend of nutrients required to reawaken your skin’s healthful look and tone, helping prevent and even reversing the aging effects of exposure to pollutants, sun, weather, and life’s many stresses. Pure essential lipids, bio-identical to the skin’s very own, combined with an effective anti-aging antioxidant complex to help soothe, relieve, rehydrate, and protect your skin. These truly beneficial natural ingredients combined with Z Mei’s exclusive Z Meizome Complex effectively help to re-establish the ideal balance of essential lipids and vital moisture found in firm, supple, youthful skin..

Zmei's Replenishing Daily Moisturizer does just what it says. You can feel it penetrating deep into your skin to really hydrate you..

An advanced anti-aging treatment, this rich, soy-based moisturizer helps provide crucial hydration, rejuvenation and protection form harsh environmental exposure and other damaging factors. A sophisticated blend of natural Soy Isoflavones, marine-based cellular stimulators, and the exclusive Z Meizome helps increase collagen production and cellular turnover to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Multiple dynamic hydrating ingredients helps provide a virtual "time release" moisturizing effect, yielding immediate as well as delayed and sustained hydration, resulting in firmer, smoother and clearer skin. It also contains sunscreen that helps protect the skin from ambient exposure to wrinkle-causing UV rays. A balanced complex of powerful antioxidants helps combat cellular damage caused by free radicals, leaving the skin looking and feeling smoother and softer.

Zmei's Exfoliating Scrub is one of my favorite products. It really helps get rid of the dry skin and particles that you just don't want on your face. Left my skin feeling amazingly clean and very very smooth. I love this one.

A must for serious skin rejuvenation. This sophisticated and innovative dual-use product was specifically formulated to be utilized as an exfoliating Scrub while having the added ability to be used as a combination Mask/Scrub to help cleanse, purify and gently remove superficial dead skin cells. Formulated to quickly provide deep cleansing of the skin and have an accumulative anti-aging effect, Z Mei Exfoliating Scrub helps accelerate cellular turnover and stimulates surface circulation, while removing pore-clogging impurities and toxins. It leaves the skin extremely clean, soft and smooth. Use two to three times a week.

Zmei's Intensive Repair Therapy for Hands left my hands looking younger, feeling soft and supple. I love this stuff.

Get this Y'all Zmei also sells a fantastic pairing of the perfect shampoo and conditioner. Nourishing and Revitalizing Shampoo smells awesome. Your hair really feels clean I can tell the shampoo removed all the styling product residue from my hair. My hair feels light and clean and looks amazing.

Using a carefully formulated blend of botanical extracts and herbal nutrients, Z Mei Nourishing & Revitalizing Shampoo removes dirt, oil and harmful styling agents without upsetting the delicate balance of the hair’s and skin’s own natural chemistry. Free of synthetic detergents and waxes and containing our proprietary Z Meizome Complex, this shampoo gently moisturizes the scalp while allowing skin pores to breathe and promote new cell growth. As a result, your hair’s own natural strength and beauty shine through.

 Zmei Hair Repair& Strengthening Conditioner is light and not greasy. Goes on easy, Rinses Clean. I had no trouble combing out my hair after my shower. No tangles whatsoever. This one has a pleasant kinda herbal smell.  After using the Zmei shampoo and conditioner combo my hair had more body and styled beautifully.

Z Mei Hair Repair & Strengthening Conditioner is one of the most effective hair and scalp conditioning treatments you can find at any price. Containing our proprietary Z Meizome Complex of pure essential lipids that match your body’s own chemistry, Z Mei Conditioner penetrates and moisturizes hair and scalp while dramatically repairing the damage done by coloring and heat. Your hair is left more manageable, healthier right down to the individual shafts and follicles, better protected during styling and coloring, and visibly more luxurious.

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Ready to buy? Head on over to Zmei Skincare and try em for yourself. You can purchase individual products, create your own custom kit or order a complete system.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Natures Path Organic

 Nature's Path Organic sent me over four of their super tasty products for review. I have to say I am lovin this stuff.
And no wonder check out the Nature's Path Minifesto:
Our Minifesto

We aspire to advance the cause of people and planet, along the path to sustainability. And we like to think we put our money where our mouth is. Or rather, where our heart is. Because growing organic, healthy foods in a sustainable way is our passion—the cornerstone of our family company. It’s where, and how, it all began.

But we also know that when it comes down to it—no matter what kind of a difference we want to make as a company, and no matter how much you share those values—if our food isn’t delicious and exciting, we’re not living up to our fullest potential.

Healthy foods don’t need to be boring and tasteless. Which is why we spend our days and nights dreaming up new recipes, tracking down exotic new ingredients, and researching the latest (or most ancient) superfoods. We know you’ll be pretty impressed when you read our labels. But we hope you’ll be even more impressed when you take your first bite.
Nature's path Organic gives back too. I really like that:

 Love Crunch is this amazingly flavored granola / cereal that will make you want to eat breakfast all day long. The tangy sweet strawberries and raspberries mix so well with the  coconut and dark chocolate. It has just enough crunch to make it a great breakfast cereal as well. Nature's Path Love Crunch is my all time favorite snack. I am warning y'all this stuff is addictive.

Love Crunch will make you fall in love with breakfast all over again. This premium limited edition granola features all USDA certified organic ingredients, crispy flax granola, strawberries, raspberries, coconut and dark chocolate chunks. For further ingredient information, please click here.
 I was also able to try Pumpkin N Spice Granola Bars. These fun treats are like a healthy version of the traditional rice crispy bars. They have a soft texture. Love the hint of pumpkin and spice. Excellent with coffee.

Real, organic pumpkin seeds and sweet cinnamon; all made with good stuff like whole grain oats and flax. Our Pumpkin Flax bar still has the flax and pumpkin seeds you know and love and is still an excellent source of Omega 3’s! No wonder this is our classic, best seller (with a small name change)! And….All our bars now come in the EnviroBox, which is 36% smaller box than a standard 6.2 ounce box.
 Optimum Slim is a super crunchy multi-textured cereal. It tastes like a combination of corn flakes and chex with a hint of vanilla. Pretty darn good.

Vanilla-scented multi-whole grain flakes with a whopping 9 grams of protein and 9 grams of dietary fiber. Only 2 grams of total fat per serving.

 You can really taste the mapley goodness in Crunchy Maple Sunrise. This delicious, gluten free cereal stayed crunchy in  almond milk.

NEW! A delicious warm real maple taste breakfast cereal with a variety of crunchy textures from flakes, puffs and crispies make this a genuinely tasty gluten free breakfast.

Nature's Path sells many other breakfast products. Check em out.

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ReNew Life Products sent me one of their products for review. Our family has stayed healthy throughout the years using natural healing and prayer so I was happy to give their products a try.

 Probiotics have long been used to boost your immune system. Check out this video from Brenda Watson and PBS's "The Road To Perfect Health" telling more:

Want to learn more? Check out digestive care expert Brenda Watson's site here.

ReNew Life,  the leading manufacturer and distributor of natural health supplements  and functional foods including Probiotics, Fish Oil, and Fiber. ReNew Life   also manufactures and distributes digestive care products that are  sold  in CVS, Walgreens, and Whole Foods markets. The company was  founded in  1997 by the CEO Brenda Watson who overcame health problems  with natural products. She is also featured in a PBS Special The Road to Perfect Health – Balance Your Gut, Heal Your Body, an in-depth look at how chronic diseases start with an unhealthy digestive system.

The product we received for review was: Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity (product description)
Powerful Dual-Action Probiotic Supports Respiratory Health & Immunity‡

  • Powerful seasonal immune support‡
  • Enhances respiratory health & immunity‡
  • Helps strengthen protective intestinal lining‡
  • Helps the immune system cope with stress‡
  • With 10 billion cultures of Saccharomyces boulardii per serving
  • Potent antioxidant properties
  • All-natural vegetable capsules
  • No fillers or binders

Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity is a unique  dual-protection probiotic supplement formulated to promote respiratory  health and gut immunity.‡ It combines 3 proven natural ingredients  Saccharomyces boulardii beneficial probiotic yeast, EpiCor® immunogen, and ResistAid™  (LAG) natural antioxidant to promote a balanced immune system and  enhance the bodys defenses during peak times throughout the year.‡

Mom tested it out, she is a big fan of natural healing. She used the entire bottle according to the package directions. We are in a drought here in the Texas Hill Country so the air is full of dust and smoke particles.
 Mom says that before using the Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity she was having a bit of trouble breathing while we were working outside on the ranch. I have to admit the air gets me sometimes too. Y'all we need some rain in Texas. Mom says she started to feel a difference after a few days of using

Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity. Her lungs feel clearer and she claims to have more energy.I can see she has more energy because she is really taking advantage that I am off from work for awhile. All in all Mom recommends Ultimate Flora Advanced Immunity and says she would use it again.

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Want to learn more you can check out their learning center to find out information on a multitude of solutions for digestive health issues.

Ready to buy? Head on over to ReNew Life and check out their amazing line of products. You can even check out their store locator for a retailer near you.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

  Women's Bean Project sent me a sampling of some of their gourmet food offerings for review.

Women's Bean Project sells gourmet foods, gifts, baskets, bundles and stuff as well as a beautiful handmade jewelery. And y'all it is all for a great cause.

Nourishing Lives 
 Since 1989 we have been helping women break the cycle of poverty and  unemployment. We are a nonprofit organization that teaches job  readiness and life skills for entry-level jobs through employment in our  gourmet food production and handmade jewelry manufacturing businesses.  Women come with the goal of transforming their lives and moving toward  self sufficiency.

Our Mission and VisionSince 1989, Women's Bean Project has been dedicated to helping women break the cycle of poverty and unemployment. 
Our Mission: To change women's lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise. 
Our Vision: Women’s  Bean Project strives to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and  poverty by helping women discover their talents and develop skills by  offering job readiness training opportunities. 
 With this stepping  stone toward success, the women will be able to support themselves and  their families, and create stronger role models for future generations.

 The products I was sent were:

Southwest Blend Salsa Mix (medium) 
This is a great packet of mix. You can use canned tomatoes, fresh tomatoes and even put it in guacamole. I love the flavor combination with avocado. I think the addition of cilantro really makes this one's taste pop.
A great dip with just a touch of cilantro. Mix with fresh or canned  tomatoes to create the salsa. Roll inside flour tortillas spread with  cream cheese and salsa. It will be the hit of the party.

Ingredients: Red chili, onions, sea salt and other natural spices. No sugar or preservatives.

Original Blend Salsa/Fajita Mix 
This is another tasty salsa packet. Works great as a marinade on beef or as taco seasoning. The salsa mixed fresca tastes awesome on eggs.

Add diced or chopped tomatoes and our spices to make a flavorful dip.  Blue corn chips make an attractive side for this rich red salsa. Cook  with chicken or beef for delicious fajitas!

Blend with canned or  fresh tomatoes, Can also be blended with sour cream. Easy to use. Keep  on hand for last minute guests. Add water to use as fajita marinade.

Ingredients: Red chili, onions, sea salt and other natural spices. No sugar or preservatives.

 I was also blessed to be able to try out two of the chili mixes from Women's Bean Project. With these mixes you can make a great vegetarian chili with the included flavorful beans and spices. If you prefer you may also add ground beef to make it for those that prefer meat.

Firehouse #10 Hot Chili
 The multiple varieties of beans have beautiful color when blended with additional veggies. recipe is on package. The beans cooked perfectly. We opted to add a venison and beef mix to the chili and I have to say it is quite tasty.  Slight bite but not enough to hurt.
The spicy combination of chipotle and crushed red pepper give this  three-bean chili quite a kick. Named after our building, the old Denver  Fire Department Firehouse #10.

SPICY, great for crock pots or  stove top, serves 6, wholesome and satisfying, great with Women's Bean  Project Golden Cornbread, kosher certified

Ingredients: small red  beans, pinto beans, kidney beans and spieces including parsley, chili  powder, chipotle and crushed red pepper.

Old Fashioned Mild Chili
 Love the flavor of these beans with a side of cornbread.the flavors sing on your tongue.

Mildly spiced with cumin and chili pepper, this red bean chili reminds  you of the comforts of home. Goes nicely with our Golden Cornbread.
Mild  spices, great for crock pots or stove top, serves 6, wholesome and  satisfying, great with Women's Bean Project Golden Cornbread, kosher  certified

Ingredients: red beans and spices including parsley, chili pepper and cumin.

I really like that all of the products from  Women's bean Project are hand crafted by the  programs participants.  That way the products are more personal. For instance, The cards on the  chili and salsa mixes are actually signed "Lovingly Handmade by"... mine were  Renee, Jeannette, Cindy and Angela. I want to thank you ladies for  making such great packs of chili and salsa mix. Y'all are doing a great  job. Keep up the good work and God Bless.

Here is a video showing how Women's Bean project help women get back on their feet and support their families:

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If you would like to purchase some of these great products you can find em on the Women's Bean project website.  If you would like to make a donation to this great cause you can find out all the information you need here.

Eco Logical Skin Care

Eco Logical Skin Care sent me their products for review.
If you are not familiar with Eco, they sell eco friendly sunscreen and a great product called Marine Mist..
 I love all of these products. Not only do the sunscreens provide 30 spf protection, but they are also great for your skin. Really y'all what more can you ask from a sunscreen.

Eco Body is a wonderful 30 spf skin protectant that keeps your sun exposed skin safe from damage and actually make your skin feel better after use. You know it has these moisturizing properties that help keep your skin hydrated.

May very well be THE definitive sunscreen available, natural or chemical. It is fragrance free, non comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores), hypoallergenic and free from chemical UV absorbers. ecō BODY delivers the essence of balanced natural protection from harmful UV rays and provides nutritious support for the skin.
Utilizing potent antioxidants (Green Tea and Grape Seed) and key anti-aging ingredients (Shea butter, Jojoba and Silicon Dioxide), ecō BODY delivers extensive moisturizing and nourishing properties to maintain the hydration of the skin. ecō BODY provides collagen support to help reduce fine line wrinkles, and repair weathered and sun damaged skin by promoting cell renewal and circulation. For adults and children of all ages, children under 6 months consult a physician.

Eco Face has the same great properties as Eco Body but is specifically formulated for use on your face. I love that you can use it under your make up.
ecō FACE is a powerfully acting natural UV sunscreen lotion, yet light enough to be applied for daily use. Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores), ecō FACE is designed for use under makeup and provides a non greasy, cosmetically luxurious texture on the skin.

Eco Baby is perfect for those of us with munchkins that need extra protection.  I love that it is made especially for children so sensitive skin is not a problem.
ecō introduces a formula powerful in UV protection yet gentle enough for the tender skin of infants. ecō BABY utilizes the same powerful protection tools from free radical damage as ecō BODY. In conjunction with the moisturizing and emollient properties of Shea butter and Jojoba, Avocado and Carrot oil provide gentle yet effective protection for delicate and sensitive skin.
ecō BABY provides the same level of UV protection as ecō BODY, the same level of water resistance, yet it goes even further in moisturizing and nourishing the skin for the most gentle and sensitive members of your family

Eco All Natural Marine Mist is this great product you simply spray on for daily skin repair. I like how it moisturizes soothes, restores and heals while still being hypoallergenic. Feels fantastic on your skin after a day in the sun. It has these great essential oils in it that not only help your skin but invigorate you senses.

This refreshing bio-marine mist locks-in moisture and restores minerals, repairing and healing sun and wind damaged skin.
Our marine moisturizer fights damaging effects of environmental exposure.

A little about Eco from their website:

ecō, more than just…

another skin care company, it’s a way of life. For us, ecō represents “Environmentally Conscious Ōrigins” which forms the foundation, spirit and fiber of our commitment.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing responsible solutions through:

  • Revolutionary Research
  • Innovative Products
  • Utilizing only sustainable ingredients, materials and processes
  • Education, Awareness and Community Involvement
  • Our Committed ecō Family
Ready to buy? head on over to Eco Logical Skin Care and look for a location near you with their handy store locator.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Think Act Love Lose Weight

 I received a copy of Shane Jeremy James's Think Act Love Lose Weight for review. This book is an easy read with a big message. So many people want things for themselves and their families. Not necessarily stuff but health and security. The problem is many of us have no clue how to accomplish our dreams. Shane Jeremy James explains his methods for achieving your goals in his new book Think Act Love Lose Weight. This is not your ordinary diet and exercise book, it is a way to change your life. So you can get where you want to be. 

Here is the description of the book that I was e-mailed:

In his new book Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight, Shane Jeremy James, offers up his own experience of addiction and weight gain which led him to the realization that if diet or exercise alone were the true key to long-term weight loss then the term “yo-yo” dieting would never have been invented and hundreds of diet and exercise fads would not be thriving on a vicious cycle of loss and regain. He found his emotional state either supported his lifestyle goals, or sabotaged them.

James, a former Curves owner and fitness expert who has lost 65-pounds himself has implemented what he has learned into a book Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight,,  after motivating thousands of clients. He does not promise overnight results, or pounds that “melt away,” but he does offer relief from the emotional and physical treadmill people live on instead of enjoying their lives as thin, healthy individuals.
“The only way that you can keep the weight off permanently is if you understand how to change your thinking process and then take action with new behavior,” James writes in his popular blog. “Think about this:  It does not matter if you have the best exercise routine in the world and the best eating plan, if you can’t get yourself motivated.”
It is important to understand why most Americans are engaged in a daily battle with extra weight. People are overweight because of an overall lifestyle, not just they eat too much and don’t exercise. This program is a lifestyle program, not just fleeting weight loss. A tangible guide to “forever weight loss.” There is also a companion audio set to lend added support. He has develepoed a multi-faceted support system is working for people all over the world. 
Shane Jeremy James ahs been so generous as to give y'all a glimpse into his way of thinking.Enter your name and email address here to download the first CD of Shane’s  7-part Audio Program. And enter your name and email address here to download the first chapter and get a sneak peak of Think Act Love Lose Weight.

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Ready to buy? Head on over to Think Act Love Lose Weight and get yourself a copy of the informative new book.


  Larabar sent me some of their amazing bars for review. This stuff tastes great y'all.  You can see why when you read their Larabar 101 statement and what is so unique about em:

At LÄRABAR, we believe that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat.
And what you eat is healthiest and most satisfying when it's in a whole, natural state.

• What is unique about LÄRABAR?

     LÄRABAR is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and  spices.   Made from 100% whole food, each flavor contains no more than  nine   ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended.

Now on to the flavors

 The first treat we tried was the Pecan Pie Bar. It has the true taste of pecan pie. The texture is smooth and tastes like down south pecan pie. To eat this bar you would never believe it is healthy. Amazing.

 It's true, the traditional version is indulgent, but our Pecan Pie likes  to break the rules. Made up of only 3 ingredients, this food is  unafraid to be delicious and wholesome at the same time. It also contains a 1/2 serving of fruit. Rebellious? Definitely.


 Tropical Fruit Tart is very fruity. I love this one. "Oooo" and "Wow" were the first words. I kinda felt like I was in the tropics. Really good bar.

 Flavors ahoy! Onboard our Tropical Fruit Tart is a combination of  pineapple, coconut and a splash of orange, along side dates, almonds and  cashews. Hold on to your sailor cap, this wholesome snack contains 1  full serving of fruit, 5 grams of fiber and 20% of the recommended daily  value of Vitamin C.

 Ginger Snap tastes like a cookie. I love the ginger flavor, reminds me of CHRISTmas.

 What is a simple recipe for joy? Our Ginger Snap bar! Ginger, cinnamon  and cloves spice up this wholesome snack, while pecans and almonds bring  the snap. All told, this joy-filled food contains 6 grams of fiber    

  All I have to say about Key Lime Pie Bar is "Oh my goodness" That is so good. Little chunks of nuts balance beautifully with the chewy coconut. The key lime flavor makes this delicious

 Key West made it famous, we made it wholesome. We put the lime and the  unsweetened coconut in this one, then blended in dates, cashews, and  almonds.   
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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip tastes like cookie dough with dark chocolate bits. I love this combination.

 How could we resist using the best flavor combination ever? We couldn't!  Our Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip bar isn't just a tasty morsel of  chocolaty goodness, it also contains 5 grams of protein and Fair Trade Certified™ chocolate chips. Irresistible? You bet.

Larabar sells many other flavors that you can check out on their website.

7 Sweet Facts: LARABARs are gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan, certified kosher, all natural, and non-gmo. To find out more visit

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