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Zmei Skincare

 Zmei Skincare sent me their entire collection for review. When I opened the box i was amazed at what I saw. I looked through the products and immediately went to try a few out. Over the next week I proceeded to try out the entire collection and could really tell everything works well. I am really impressed with Zmei's products. Let me tell y'all about em.

Zmei's Purifying Facial Cleanser
smells amazing. This foaming cleanser cleans impurities from your face leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy.

A gentle, oil-free, cleanser that will not dry the skin or leave it feeling greasy. Formulated with an exclusive blend of natural amino acid cleansers that melts away makeup and thoroughly removes excess surface oils, surface impurities and harmful topical bacteria, leaving skin soft, fresh and clean. An advanced mineral complex helps maintain the skin’s own fragile chemistry while promoting the skin’s ability to retain moisture and detoxify itself at the cellular level. Perfect for dry or oily skin.
Spray on  Zmei's Balancing Toner after cleansing. This one has a real clean smell. Slight touch of citrus within the herbal fragrance. Feels great when applied.

This technologically advanced formula helps proivde a barrier between compromised skin surfaces and the environment, and prepares the skin for the Z Mei Replenishing (AM) or Regenerating (PM) treatments. Utilizing Alpha and Beta Glucans, Z Mei Balancing Toner helps boost the skin’s own natural recovery system that promotes a restored, revitalized and renewed appearance. Multiple dynamic hydrating ingredients combined with the exclusive Z Meizome helps provide anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic benefits to calm surface disturbances, while locking in moisture, helping to keep skin smooth, soft and supple.

A little goes a long way with Zmei's Regenerating Night Treatment I like that it does not leave your skin feeling all greasy like some night creams.

This highly active moisturizing treatment has been particularly formulated to help regenerate damaged skin tissue as well as restore and rehydrate the skin’s moisture content. A protein-rich and emollient balance of soy-based ingredients that closely matches the skin’s natural lipid chemistry helps boost the skin’s cellular ability to cleanse and regulate itself, making this formulation excellent for maturing skin and for those affected by hormonal changes. Concentrated natural Soy Isoflavones, marine-based cellular stimulators, and the exclusive Z Meizome helps increase collagen and elastin production, improve skin elasticity, help control discoloration, and visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Wake up to skin that is firmer, smoother and clearer, more young-looking and radiant..

Applied twice daily Zmei's Correcting Eye Cream helps erase those fine lines around the yes we all get as we get older.

Z Mei's Perfecting Eye Cream is the perfect natural formula skin care treatment specifically created for daily use on the delicate skin around the eyes. This light, but rich cream features an effective nutritive cocktail with powerful anti-oxidants that nourishes and smoothes the fragile tissues around the eye, which are prone to exhibiting a dry crepe-like texture as we age. It also helps normalize and correct skin lipid chemistry, increasing elasticity while instantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Perfecting Eye Cream is specially formulated for wearing all day under makeup, allowing foundations, powders, eye shadow and brow liner to go on perfectly with no dried-out or smeary look. The non-irritating natural ingredients in this luxurious cream will feel comfortable all day long, no matter how active you are.

Zmei's Retoning Hand and Body Moisture Therapy glides on beautifully. My usually dry hands looked and felt much better after only one use. Since Hubby gets dry skin too we tried using a little for a foot massage. It worked really well. My hands slid easily on his feet. I heard a few nice words. Hubby's feet look and feel great now. Our skin continues to improve as we use Zmei's products.

This unique bio-technologically advanced lotion helps correct and enhance your skin’s chemistry, restoring the delicate lipid balance at the cellular level to impart a smooth, more youthful and radiant appearance. This whole-body treatment’s unique natural delivery system helps provide the precise blend of nutrients required to reawaken your skin’s healthful look and tone, helping prevent and even reversing the aging effects of exposure to pollutants, sun, weather, and life’s many stresses. Pure essential lipids, bio-identical to the skin’s very own, combined with an effective anti-aging antioxidant complex to help soothe, relieve, rehydrate, and protect your skin. These truly beneficial natural ingredients combined with Z Mei’s exclusive Z Meizome Complex effectively help to re-establish the ideal balance of essential lipids and vital moisture found in firm, supple, youthful skin..

Zmei's Replenishing Daily Moisturizer does just what it says. You can feel it penetrating deep into your skin to really hydrate you..

An advanced anti-aging treatment, this rich, soy-based moisturizer helps provide crucial hydration, rejuvenation and protection form harsh environmental exposure and other damaging factors. A sophisticated blend of natural Soy Isoflavones, marine-based cellular stimulators, and the exclusive Z Meizome helps increase collagen production and cellular turnover to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Multiple dynamic hydrating ingredients helps provide a virtual "time release" moisturizing effect, yielding immediate as well as delayed and sustained hydration, resulting in firmer, smoother and clearer skin. It also contains sunscreen that helps protect the skin from ambient exposure to wrinkle-causing UV rays. A balanced complex of powerful antioxidants helps combat cellular damage caused by free radicals, leaving the skin looking and feeling smoother and softer.

Zmei's Exfoliating Scrub is one of my favorite products. It really helps get rid of the dry skin and particles that you just don't want on your face. Left my skin feeling amazingly clean and very very smooth. I love this one.

A must for serious skin rejuvenation. This sophisticated and innovative dual-use product was specifically formulated to be utilized as an exfoliating Scrub while having the added ability to be used as a combination Mask/Scrub to help cleanse, purify and gently remove superficial dead skin cells. Formulated to quickly provide deep cleansing of the skin and have an accumulative anti-aging effect, Z Mei Exfoliating Scrub helps accelerate cellular turnover and stimulates surface circulation, while removing pore-clogging impurities and toxins. It leaves the skin extremely clean, soft and smooth. Use two to three times a week.

Zmei's Intensive Repair Therapy for Hands left my hands looking younger, feeling soft and supple. I love this stuff.

Get this Y'all Zmei also sells a fantastic pairing of the perfect shampoo and conditioner. Nourishing and Revitalizing Shampoo smells awesome. Your hair really feels clean I can tell the shampoo removed all the styling product residue from my hair. My hair feels light and clean and looks amazing.

Using a carefully formulated blend of botanical extracts and herbal nutrients, Z Mei Nourishing & Revitalizing Shampoo removes dirt, oil and harmful styling agents without upsetting the delicate balance of the hair’s and skin’s own natural chemistry. Free of synthetic detergents and waxes and containing our proprietary Z Meizome Complex, this shampoo gently moisturizes the scalp while allowing skin pores to breathe and promote new cell growth. As a result, your hair’s own natural strength and beauty shine through.

 Zmei Hair Repair& Strengthening Conditioner is light and not greasy. Goes on easy, Rinses Clean. I had no trouble combing out my hair after my shower. No tangles whatsoever. This one has a pleasant kinda herbal smell.  After using the Zmei shampoo and conditioner combo my hair had more body and styled beautifully.

Z Mei Hair Repair & Strengthening Conditioner is one of the most effective hair and scalp conditioning treatments you can find at any price. Containing our proprietary Z Meizome Complex of pure essential lipids that match your body’s own chemistry, Z Mei Conditioner penetrates and moisturizes hair and scalp while dramatically repairing the damage done by coloring and heat. Your hair is left more manageable, healthier right down to the individual shafts and follicles, better protected during styling and coloring, and visibly more luxurious.

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