Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Think Act Love Lose Weight

 I received a copy of Shane Jeremy James's Think Act Love Lose Weight for review. This book is an easy read with a big message. So many people want things for themselves and their families. Not necessarily stuff but health and security. The problem is many of us have no clue how to accomplish our dreams. Shane Jeremy James explains his methods for achieving your goals in his new book Think Act Love Lose Weight. This is not your ordinary diet and exercise book, it is a way to change your life. So you can get where you want to be. 

Here is the description of the book that I was e-mailed:

In his new book Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight, Shane Jeremy James, offers up his own experience of addiction and weight gain which led him to the realization that if diet or exercise alone were the true key to long-term weight loss then the term “yo-yo” dieting would never have been invented and hundreds of diet and exercise fads would not be thriving on a vicious cycle of loss and regain. He found his emotional state either supported his lifestyle goals, or sabotaged them.

James, a former Curves owner and fitness expert who has lost 65-pounds himself has implemented what he has learned into a book Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight, www.thinkactloveloseweight.com,  after motivating thousands of clients. He does not promise overnight results, or pounds that “melt away,” but he does offer relief from the emotional and physical treadmill people live on instead of enjoying their lives as thin, healthy individuals.
“The only way that you can keep the weight off permanently is if you understand how to change your thinking process and then take action with new behavior,” James writes in his popular blog. “Think about this:  It does not matter if you have the best exercise routine in the world and the best eating plan, if you can’t get yourself motivated.”
It is important to understand why most Americans are engaged in a daily battle with extra weight. People are overweight because of an overall lifestyle, not just they eat too much and don’t exercise. This program is a lifestyle program, not just fleeting weight loss. A tangible guide to “forever weight loss.” There is also a companion audio set to lend added support. He has develepoed a multi-faceted support system is working for people all over the world. 
Shane Jeremy James ahs been so generous as to give y'all a glimpse into his way of thinking.Enter your name and email address here to download the first CD of Shane’s  7-part Audio Program. And enter your name and email address here to download the first chapter and get a sneak peak of Think Act Love Lose Weight.

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Ready to buy? Head on over to Think Act Love Lose Weight and get yourself a copy of the informative new book.


vivalavidaNOW said...

Fantastic book! Got a copy 2 weeks ago for a friend. She is already seeing a difference. The mind-side of the book is what is the most itriguing. The author clearly knows his stuff! His techniques with regard to keeping the weight off for good really impressed both of us. Thanks again Shane!!

jimmymaxs said...

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