Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pure Romance

 Pure Romance sent me over a few of their products for review. In case you are not familiar with Pure Romance:
  Pure Romance is an in-home party company that sells a premier line of relationship aids, including lubricants, heighteners, and bedroom accessories.

 I know this is an adult product website so if y'all are offended sorry. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with spicing up the marriage bed a little. I have been married for 21 years and have never turned down a good massage. My husband and I look for  quality massage oils that do not stain and don't leave you feeling excessively oily when your done. Nothing like not being able to open the bedroom door because your hands are to slippery.

 The first product from Pure Romance we tried was  Aura Sensual Massage Oil. We received the eucalyptus mint fragrance. While I have to admit this scent is not one I would have chosen for myself but  it is very nice. The eucalyptus and mint are quite a lovely smell. This massage oil is not super slippery it seems to be more of an aromatherapy aid. I like it.

 Aura Massage Oil is a sensual massage oil that contains a specially formulated blend of essential oils and herbal extracts chosen for skin softening benefits and non-greasy, non-sticky qualities. Each scent is pleasant and perfect for a deep, sensual, erotic massage

 Next item was Coochy Shave Cream. This is a really good shave lotion that keeps you from getting those bumps we all get from time to time on the bikini line. I have to say it did a lovely job. No more swimsuit worries. Yeah.

 Coochy Shave Lotion has been a bestseller for 17 years! Shave with this gentle, unisex conditioning shave cream and keep those unsightly red bikini bumps from crashing your most intimate moments. Sure to become a staple in your shower, Coochy smells great and is gentle for all areas of the body — in fact, it can do double duty as a moisturizing hair conditioner. Coochy is a must have!

We were also sent Burning Desire. This is a candle that you light. As it burns the massage oil is warmed to create a sensual relaxing feel. We always warm our massage oils before use, but this makes a romantic change with the candle. I was afraid the oil would be to hot, but is came out perfectly temped.

 Ignite a flame with Burning Desire! Burn this soy massage oil candle and let the sweet, fragrant oil take over your body. Melted massage oil is great for doubling as a warm, rich body balm. Lasts up to 20 massages.

  The last item I was sent was the Pleasure Puff. It is a fun little toy that makes getting clean with your spouse a little more fun. 

  The Pleasure Puff Vibrating Loofah is discreetly steamy and so delightful! This vibrating loofah sponge looks ordinary, but is so extraordinary. Its hidden waterproof bullet enhances the pleasure of any shower. The soft material can help exfoliate the skin, plus it’s great for relaxation! You will feel invigorated from head to toe! Four button cell batteries included.

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