Tuesday, May 10, 2011

EarDoc-Natural Treatment for Ear Infections -Review

    Hey y'all, I got to try out this cool new device called EarDoc. EarDoc is a natural treatment for ear infections.

EarDoc can be used for numerous ear issues. The ones listed on the package are:

Otis Media
Swimmer's Ear Hearing Loss
Trapped Fluids and Gas in the Middle Ear
Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
Air Travelers

I personally tried EarDoc out on my ears that are clogged from allergies. If I do not get my ears to drain properly I sometimes end up with an ear infection. 
 Ear infections and ear pain are no fun for any of us, but with my ears clogged I even get vertigo. Really Really Not Fun. 
 The first time I tried out EarDoc I was a little leery about the vibrations messing with my vertigo even more.  I read the instructions and sat down while using it. The instant I put EarDoc behind my ear I could feel it working on the blockage. It seems to work by the tiny vibrations literally shaking the clog loose.
 I did not get dizzy from the vibration at all. Yeah, I hate being dizzy. After using EarDoc for about a week now, I can actually hear a little better and I have not had a dizzy vertigo spell since.
 I personally love the EarDoc and will continue to use it. 

Check out this You tube video about EarDoc from the show the Doctors:

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