Saturday, May 7, 2011


Exederm sent over some of their really awesome products for me to review. As someone who has dealt with sensitive skin myself, I really didn't want my little one to have to deal with the skin issues I had to. No worries any more, Exederm has us covered. Exederm is a line of baby products designed to be irritant free and safe for anyone with eczema, dermatitis and dry or sensitive skin.

 We got to test out five great products. first up was Excema Cream Moisturizer. I like that there are no fragrances that can mess with your little ones skinThis one glides on easily with no harsh chemicals.

 Next up is the Flare Control Cream. It comes in a tube but comes out more like
a liquid than a cream.I tested this one on myself too. I have dry sensitive skin 
so i dabbed  a little on, cuz let's face it a 6 month old isn't going to tell you how
quick it works. The itchy feel on my leg stopped almost immediately.

Baby Excema Lotion was next. It rubs in easily and can be used on 
ultra-sensitive skin, making baby stay  moisturized without worry of
irritating baby's skin.

We also got to try Exederm's Cleansing Baby Bath. It has a nice silky feeling.
It smells clean without all that perfume other baby baths have.

Exederm's Hydrating Baby Shampoo is a lovely fragrance free daily use shampoo 
for the little love of your life. It lathers nicely and cleans the hair very well.

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