Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped Bootcamp

 I was very excited to get to test out Jari Love's Get Extremely Ripped Bootcamp DVD

Here is Jari's website description of the DVD:
You asked for it and now you’ve got it!  I have had a ton of success with the Get RIPPED! Bootcamp Program and decided it was time to bring Bootcamp to you in the comfort of your own home!

With Get Extremely RIPPED! Bootcamp – you will blast fat fast!  You’ll be amazed at how soon your body transforms into the best shape ever!  Research has shown that high intensity training and weight training are the best ways to lose unwanted pounds fast, increase your lean muscle mass and keep your metabolism revved all day long.  In Get Extremely RIPPED! Bootcamp we mix cardio and strength exercises so you are constantly moving and keeping your heart rate up.  You will burn maximum calories and build lean muscle tissue – both of which are essential to losing weight and keeping it off!  With the high energy music, you will be surprised how time flies because this workout is so much fun! 

There are so many ways to enjoy this workout.  For those who are rushed for time, choose from six, 10-minute workouts.  Each workout includes abs, weights and cardio – so even if you only have time for one, you’ll still work your total body.  You can also choose from two 30-minute routines or do the complete workout where we alternate abs, weights and cardio for 18 solid tracks!  Finally, you can choose to do just the cardio, just the abs or just the weights.  You will never get bored and will keep your body guessing week after week!   The only equipment you need is a mat and some dumbbells.  You can also use a skipping rope or any piece of cardio equipment you have at home.  We show tons of options and modifications so everyone can have fun and get an awesome workout!

 My Opinion

 I started out with the warm up and the abdominal set the first day. I really like that Jari shows the advanced techniques as well as the easier ways to do each exercise. She also encourages you to just keep tying. If you need to rest occasionally that is ok. Just start back up when ready. The key is to try.
Remember you will never reach your goal if you don't start somewhere.

 Another thing I like is at the ending of each segment there is this wonderful little 30 second timer in the corner showing you just how much longer til you are done with that exercise. Between each segments there are these cool Get Ripped Tips so you can make the most out of your workout.

 Now y'all remember I am 40 and somewhat active. I thought I would have no problems with this workout.. Always make sure to do the warm-up. The first few times with the cardio segments I had to take a break after the first two exercise segments. I really felt it the next couple of days. This is a high intensity workout. It was quite difficult at first, but so worth it. I thoroughly enjoy the cool down segment. When I am done for the day I really feel like I have accomplished something good for my body and my self esteem. Make sure to talk to your doctor and unless you are very athletic already take it easy when starting this exercise program to avoid injury. Do a little each day until you can do the entire workout. It is High Intensity, meant for more advanced athletes.

 This awesome DVD has several ways to "Get Extremely Ripped"  you can do the full hour , two 30 minute work outs or do the 6 to 10 minutes workouts when you don't have time for more. I say do what you can and what you have time for. You will be surprised at the results.

Y'all need to remember to talk to your Dr. before starting any exercise regimen. Take your Dr's advice. I am not a Dr and am not responsible for any medical issues that may come up from using this product. This is simply my opinion of this DVD.

Check out the Get Extremely Ripped BootCamp DVD trailer and see what you think:

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