Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dr. Nammy's Almond Fusion Nut Butter

Dr. Nammy's Almond Fusion Nut Butter is a fantastic treat that we at Texas Kitchen were able to sample. Dr Nammy sent over two jars of this delicious delight. Let me tell y'all about the two flavors we were blessed with.


First up was Mild Almond Fusion. WOW, this stuff is really really good. The mix of almonds and spices are perfectly blended to create what I consider to be a culinary masterpiece. Awesome on pretzels, fruit and bruschetta.

Mild Almond Fusion

Dr. Nammy's Mild Almond Fusion – This creamy spread has a mild red pepper kick, gentle enough for most palates with a perfect blend of garlic and other savory flavors. It’s a perfect accompaniment to any food. Serve with an assortment of fruit or raw vegetables like; apple slices, banana chips, strawberries, cucumber slices, celery, carrots. Almond Fusion is also a tasty accessory with crackers, pita chips, breadsticks, crostini, hummus and any mild cheeses. For meals, the Almond Fusion is a flavorsome complement with chicken, fish, pork, beef or simply toss in to pasta.
Ingredients include::
almond butter (almonds), xylitol (natural sugar substitute), lemon juice, garlic, salt, crushed red pepper, distilled vinegar.

Next we got to try Heated Almond Fusion. The addition of heat knocks this one out of the ballpark. Home run.

Heated Almond Fusion

Our Heated Almond Fusion is great for when you want just a little burst of flavor to tease your taste buds and chase away the winter blues. We love it mixed into a spicy hummus dip, on fresh veggies, along side of cheese or just scooped out of the jar and into our mouths.
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