Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LightSpeed Tents Quick Cabana

LightSpeed Tents sent over one of their Quick Cabanas for us to review. This is a really cool half style tent that is perfect for the beach or any other place you need pretty close to instant shade. I say almost instant cuz this baby is so easy to put up it's amazing. I tried in the front yard on a fairly windy day, You know to test it for putting it up in on the beach conditions. I always see these people trying to put their shade area up on the beach having such trouble in the wind. No problem at all with the LightSpeed Tent Quick Cabana. I had our set up in 45 seconds with no help at all. This was first time set up to y'all. Directions are clear and set up is a breeze. No pun intended.
 This cool cabana is well made of high quality fabric. It seems to be stitched together quite well too. We are going to get alot of use out of LightSpeed Tent's Quick Cabana.
 Description from website:
Quick Cabana

Lightspeed®‘s compression hub system allows for quick setup and tear down. 3 walled shelter. Great for beaches, parks, and sporting events. Lightweight and easy to carry. UPF 50+. Sand pockets on the outside of the shelter provide stability. Large front porch area. 3 large roll-up windows. 


At Lightspeed® we design tents that are amazingly quick to set up without sacrificing strength and quality. When designing our tents, we rely on over a thousand nights sleeping in tents of all shapes and sizes and in all weather conditions. 

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