Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thank Y'all

 I just want to say thank y'all for sticking with Texas Kitchen. If some of y'all are new, this blog was published on Blogger for a year and a half. We came a long way in that time. On Oct 12 Blogger suddenly lost all the comments that you guys had spent so much precious time posting.  I have tried working with Blogger, but since they do not seem concerned with me or the at least 118 other blogs that posted in the help section I have decided to move on.

All current giveaways have been moved over to If by chance blogger recovers y'all s previously posted comments before the new entry deadlines I will use those entries as well. Say there are 287 comments on blogger for a giveaway and 250 on the WordPress site. I will have  blogger's comments be 1 - 287 and WordPress be 288 - 537 then doing the drawing on Random.or like usual. Hope this answers any questions y'all have.

I really hope y'all like the new WordPress format. Hoping everyone that has been so faithful to Texas Kitchen will join us on this new site Thank you to everyone that has moved over already. I will post this on the blogger page as well to tell those who have not heard yet

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djolsen said...

I can't figure out where to leave comments on, for instance, the T shirt contest.