Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nutella Mommie Party

 Hey y'all I got to host a Nutella Mommie Party. It was great. Everyone was super happy with the flavor and consistency of the Nutella. If y'all don't know what Nutella is, it is this great chocolate hazelnut spread that makes for some super easy super delicious deserts and snacks. Get this y'all, Nutella is good for you in moderation. See Mom, more goodness with chocolate. 
 Nutella Hazelnut Spread is so simple to use. Just spread some onto your favorite whole grain bakery item for a quick nutritious breakfast option. I also like Nutella on fresh fruit.

Here is a little Nutella Hazelnut Spread Trivia:

Nutella is Kosher

Nutella does NOT contain peanuts and does not come into contact with peanuts during manufacturing.

It takes more than 50 hazelnuts to make one jar of Nutella

Nutella is Gluten Free
 At the Party we used whole grain toast and  fresh fruits to get the true flavor of Nutella. It was enjoyed by all and everyone loved their party packs. If you want to know where you can find some of this great hazelnut spread for your self, head on over to the Nutella Store locator. If you check out their homepage their is even a link to a $1 off coupon good through May 31. You can also enter to win a case of Nutella in their monthly sweepstakes

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