Friday, March 11, 2011

Sleep Scentsations

 I love stuff that smells good, so y'all know I got excited when I first heard about Sleep Scentsations Aromatherapy Pillow Liners.

 Y'all these are so cool. It is a liner that you put on your pillow, under your pillow case, don't worry they won't stain your bedding. This liners have essential oils on em that smell absolutely fantastic. You simply sleep normally and enjoy the fragrance while you sleep. I love these so much.

Sleep Scentsations sent me several of their great pillow liners for review. My first night using one I tested out the scent "Romance'. This one is scented with sandalwood, vanilla and honey.I really enjoyed my pillow time with this liner. It made for several very restful night's sleep.

'My Boyfriends Shirt' is a playful blend of musk jasmine and sandalwood. This to me is almost intoxicating. Great combination of essential oils here.

 Next  up is 'Relax",  fragranced with lavender and chamomile. If this one doesn't relax you nothing will. I want more of these liners.

"Retreat" helps your mind recapture it's focus with the help of white tea and lily. Very calming scent

 I also got to try "Restore". It's blend of rosemary and peppermint help you to really chill out after a rough day.

 The next one up is what I call a fun scent. "Day at the Beach" smells of "ocean air, sand  and suntan lotion" Really who wouldn't like that. I dreamt all night about a wonderful vacation on a beautiful tropical isle.

 They even have one to help out those who snore.It is called "snore RX" It is made of "a therapeutic blend of essential oils formulated to suppress snoring and provide for a more restful sleep"

These Sleep Scentsations Pillow Liners are really great. I am so glad I got to try em all.  I think y'all will love em too. Ready to buy? Head on over to Sleep Scentsations and get some for yourself.You can sign up for the Sleep Scentsations newsletter, like em on facebook or follow em on twitter

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