Thursday, June 23, 2011

Soda Stream

  I was blessed to get a chance to review Soda Stream. This is a n amazing new device that helps reduce waste in our landfills by allowing you to make your own soda at home. Well I guess it even saves gasoline cuz you don't have to drive to the store all the time when your kids and their friends drink all your soda. I know, I know, you say just keep more in the house I say that takes up alot of space on the counter or in the pantry. With Soda Stream this is not a problem. Even the small flavor containers make the equivalent of 33- 12 oz cans.
 Soda Stream allows you to turn ordinary tap water into soda right at home. They have so many flavor options there is sure to be something for everyone. Even your most particular guests will find something they like. One thing I like alot is that a 8 fl oz glass of most flavors is only 35 calories.
 I was given the fountain jet to try out. This baby is sleek looking and really easy to use. I would not however let children operate the machine because it does have a CO2 bottle for carbonation which if not used properly could be a problem. Make sure to follow the directions included with the model you purchase.

 Did I mention how good Soda Stream is for the environment? Check out this video that show how much better it is to use Soda Stream than to keep buying and throwing away bottles and cans:

 I told y'all that Soda Stream has alot, I mean alot of flavor choices. Lets take a look at a few of them:

First one I tried was Cran Raspberry- It is very good. The cranberry and raspberries blend very well together . I actually love the after taste of this flavor.

 Next one we tried was The Energy Drink-It tastes like those store bought energy drinks. Hubby says this one is really good.

We also tested Black Currant Pear Sparkling Naturals- I have never tried black currants before so this one intrigued me. It has a distinct flavor that I can't quite describe. I assume that is the Black Currant. This drink has is kinda tart, kinda sweet with a hint of pear flavor. All in all I like it.

 There are so many more flavors you can check the rest out here.

They have several machine options to choose from.
Fountain Jet

Not sure which one is right for you? check out this helpful chart.

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