Friday, July 8, 2011

 I was given the opportunity to check out a great website called These guys have such an awesome selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses. You can get both types in prescription (you just need to know yours) or plain lenses. You can even get your choice of tint color on the lenses. Wow.

 So I was given $75 dollars to play with on their site. The decision was really hard as they have an incredible selection of styles, shapes and colors. There are even options for different frame and lens colors for each style. Like I said, tough decision. and it took me awhile. I love that they have this great tool that shows what each pair of frames looks like on your shape of face.

 I decided to get Hubby a new pair of sunglasses, you know since he is so amazing. After finding the perfect frames Winchester, perfect frame color, Gunmetal and lens color Grey we were happy. even has a super simple way to make sure you get the correct size glasses for you. They also have live chat if you need more help.

 Hubby's new sunglasses did not take long at all to get in. They came with a great hard sided case, a cleaning cloth and a really cool glasses fixing tool you can put on your keyring. I was fascinated with this little guy, so very handy.  Thanks to the on site size helper (you just print it out and find your perfect fit) Hubby's sunglasses fit perfectly. Yeah!. I wish clothing online stores could get fit right all the time. The glasses are sturdy and look extremely handsome on Hubby (and pretty good on me too). I know is the way I will be getting glasses from now on. Check out all these available categories:

»  Metal Eyeglasses
»  Plastic Eyeglasses
»  Rimless Eyeglasses
»  Semi-Rimless Eyeglasses      
    »  Bifocals
»  Progressives & Varilux®
»  Kids Eyeglasses
»  Prescription Sunglasses  
    »  New Arrivals Eyeglasses
»  New Arrivals Sunglasses
»  Bendable Titanium Eyeglasses
»  Eyeglass Lens Replacement

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