Friday, July 8, 2011

Veto Pro Pac

 I have been around construction and remodeling all of my life. Finding the right bag for your tools is really important. When Veto Pro Pac sent me their Veto Pro Pac LC I was super excited. Only trouble is it showed up around Father's Day so Hubby thinks it is his. Shhhh..Ok I will share. He really loves this closed top tool bag

While LC is the smallest bag that Veto Pro Pac offers it is by no means small.

Veto Pro Pac LC is a super heavy duty bag that can take the hard use you know it's going to get while on the construction site. With 57 pockets that can hold over 75 hand tools there is a place for almost everything.

What I love about the Veto Pro Pac LC is that it makes it so incredibly easy to find exactly which tool you are looking for. Gone are the yeas of searching through boxes or the dreaded tool bucket. I know many people who spend the day, well we will call it "Fussing" about where their tools are and how they can't find em. Any of y'all that have ever been on a job site know what I'm talking about.

This bag is great for you guys and gals that aren't pros as well. Everyone needs to have a set of tools for those things that tend to go wrong around the house. Heck even if all you want to do is hang a picture frame you are going to need a hammer, nails and a small level. Want that picture centered on your wall? Now you need a tape measure. Light enough picture and no stud where you want to hang it? Now you need Sheetrock anchors and screws. Yep that means a screwdriver. Good thing we have a place to keep all these tools.The more small projects you tackle, the more hand tools you need. Doing these DIY projects will save you money (even after buying the tools). Let's face it y'all, hiring someone to do the work for you can get really expensive.

Veto Pro Pac LC makes an awesome gift idea. The look and style of the Veto Pro Pac LC is really professional. Anyone would be proud to have one of these tool bags
Check out this great video showing how awesome the Veto Pro Pac LC is:

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You can also see several other videos on Veto Pro Pacs YouTube Channel including a Sneak Peek of LT-2 Laptop/Tech Bag Another altogether really awesome bag from Veto ProPac.

Ready to buy? Head on over to Veto Pro Pac dealer locator or check out their list of places to shop online.
 Not sure which bag is right for you or that special someone? Check out the product comparison chart.

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