Friday, July 15, 2011

"The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer" and "The Steamie 3 pc System"

 Texas Kitchen got to test out "The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer" and "The Steamie 3 pc System" These are two really cool As Seen On TV products that are worth the money in my opinion.

  Lets start with "The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer". This fun invention is my favorite of the two. Mainly because I am a hot dog junkie. It is an innovative way to cook your hotdogs on the stove while having the ability to steam the hotdog buns using the steam from the cooking hot dogs.

melting the cheese after the hotdogs are done
  The whole family likes the way the buns steam along with the hot dogs cooking. I was afraid the bread would be soggy so I was a bit skeptical. First taste and I was hooked. The store bought bun tasted like it was just baked moments ago. Not soggy at all. The bun was perfect Since we were doing a test we made one hotdog with the bun not steamed. It just wasn't the same. The steamed bun won the taste test hands down. A big difference in flavor and texture.

"The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer" is super simple to use Y'all know this video from TV:

The Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer has adjustable handles to fit any pot*
Handles suspend the bun steaming platform above the cooking hotdogs. A cross shaped opening allows tongs to reach through, open and grasp to retreive the cooked hotdogs from below without having to remove the steaming grill. The unique shaped handles hold the lid in place for better steaming and create a gap for venting so the water doesn't boiling over.

 Next we got out Hubby's favorite the "The Steamie 3 pc System" This one one cool set up. You can use it to steam. boil deep fry etc...See how incredibly easy it is to make your entire meal in and over one pot.  Here they are boiling shrimp, steaming fish and asparagus and warming up a tasty sauce in the middle. All at the same time. What a time saver. Not to mention less dishes and less electricity or gas used for the stove. Here in Texas it gets plenty hot. The idea of just heating up one burner to make dinner keeps my air conditioning bill down as well. I love this set.

 Ready to buy? Head on over to  Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer website and get yourself or a friend or family member some of these great products.
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