Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mango Tree Fitted Bangles

 Finding the right bangle  can be hard at times. You need the right shape, color and look for your style. Mango Tree Fitted Bangles let me choose one of their great fitted bangles for review. They have an absolutely amazing selection of bangles available.They come in 3 styles 50 colors and 4 sizes.

 Not only are the colors and styles amazing at Mango Tree, but they also have the right sized bangle for you. No more one size fits all.. I like the way these bangles don't slide off just because your wrist is to small. I also like that you can put one on if your wrist is larger. Let's face it we are all different sizes. I like that these bangles are too.

Caribbean Islands
                                     The bangle I chose was from the Bold collection. I like a wider bangle so this collection is perfect for me. After much thinking I decided upon the color Caribbean Islands. I even love the name of this beauty.

 The bangle I picked came in very quickly. I am also impressed with the quality of the bangle. My teenage daughter likes it too so these babies are perfect gifts for all ages. Look at the beautiful coloring in the Caribbean Islands Bangle. It is stunning. The one I got looks just as amazing in real life as it did on the website.

Mango Tree Fitted Bangles are available in:

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