Monday, August 1, 2011

Chef Locke -

 I got  to try out some really awesome products from Chef Locke and These guys sell some great products for tailgating and grilling.

Have y'all ever had beer can chicken? The Beer Butt Chicken Plank makes it super easy to make this delicious style of bird. You just put your beer can into the hole in the middle of the plank making sure at least half of it is above the wood line. Soak the wood until it swells enough to make the can fit tight (60 to 90 minutes). In the meantime season your bird. When your pit is ready pop open the beer can. slide the raw, seasoned chicken over the can Put the plank on the pit and cook until done. The beer makes the chicken moist and delicious. The plank makes it all possible and pumps up the flavor. Complete instructions for beer can chicken come with you Beer Butt Chicken Plank.

Beer Can Chicken Plank

  • The only cedar plank of it’s kind anywhere.

  • Unique design especially for those beer-butt chicken aficionados.

  • Patented technology that’s “GO GREEN”

  • Keeps the fat and juices from igniting over hot coals or gas flames.

  • Great for tailgating, backyard barbecues, office picnics.

  • A perfect gift for the BBQ Grillmaster in your family.

  • Next up is your classic BBQ Grilling Cedar Planks. If you have never tasted food cooked on these babies you are really missing out. We had salmon.   I have to say this is honestly one of the very few ways I like salmon. There is something about the flavor of the wood that grills fish beautifully. Also great for chicken, veggies, beef, seafood and pork. Again they are easy to use. Soak boards until the water makes em lock together. Put your favorite food on top and grill em. Make sure to have a spray bottle handy to prevent flare ups.

    Chef Locke Cedar Plank

  • The plank that started it all

  • Great for burgers, chicken, and fish.

  • Now you can get this delicious, mouthwatering smoky taste in your own home!

  • This Plank is reusable too!

  • Using the Exclusive Patent Protected "Chef Locke" System; soaking locks the plank

  • Only Available through our company

  • Plank Size: 7” x 14 1/2” Available in 2,4, & 6pk

  • We also got to try out a plank especially made for pizza. Pizza Pie Plank. Grilling is such a great way to make pizza. You can do em homemade like we do or go to the store and get one pre-made. Either way this is gonna rock the flavor of your pizza. The smoke gives the pie a woody natural flavor. The Big Easy Pizza Pie Plank has even won  the Award of Excellence from the National Barbeque Association.

    NEW for 2010 - The Big Easy BBQ Plank

  • Create a one of a kind wood flavored Pizza, Turkey, Kabobs, Prime Rib, Fish & more!

  • Huge Plank at a low price due to our patented technology

  • No other Plank this size on the market, big enough for a turkey or huge fish feed

  • Enjoy Wood Fired Pizza just like the restaurants…. Now you can get this delicious, mouthwatering smoky taste in your own home!

  • This Plank is reusable too!

  • Using the Exclusive Patent Protected "Chef Locke" System; soaking locks the plank

  • Plank Size - 13” x 14 1/2”

  • They also sent one of their awesome Cherry Smoke Bombs. This is a really simple way to add smoky flavor to any BBQ. Just pick your smoke flavor, soak for 5 minutes in water and if using charcoal just put it in the hot coals. bag and all. For Gas, soak, wrap in foil. slit a small hole through foil and cloth put on flame. Grill and enjoy that amazing smoky goodness every time you grill. The Cherry smoke smells amazing and flavors beef beautifully.

    Smoke Bombs

  • Easy to use. Simply soak in a glass of water for one minute and place in BBQ directly over heat.

  • Will smoke for approximately 1 hr.

  • 6 flavors to choose from...cedar, hickory, alder, mesquite, cherry, and apple.

  • Gourmet Cedar Wraps are great to add extra flavor and a touch of class to fish, veggies, fruit etc... Simple to use this is the way to go if you want to really impress someone. Make your dish look like a professional chef made it.

    Gourmet Oven & BBQ Wraps

  • Ideal for the oven or BBQ, very exquisite gourmet meal. Impress your friends”

  • Simply roll, tie with the string, place in the oven or on the BBQ, and you are a Gourmet Chef!

  • Wrap size - 5 1/2” x 7” 

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