Thursday, August 4, 2011

Plasma Car

Stylish Looking

We were sent a Plasma Car from PlaSmart for review on Texas Kitchen. Even with having children and grandchildren, I had never heard of Plasma Car until I saw it on a review blog. I have to say it is pretty cool.

  Now you will have to do a little assembly with this fun toy.. Fortunately there are illustrated instructions that show you just how it's done. I love it when companies include illustrations.

  You'll need a couple of tools to get this baby ready for the road. Plasma Car includes the hex key for tightening on the steering wheel. The only other tools you will need are a 17mm socket wrench and a rubber mallet (regular hammer will do if you can't find a rubber one, just be sure to use a buffer between it and the car so you don't damage your Plasma car)
Easy Assembly

 One thing I think is fabulous about the Plasma Car is that it holds up to 220 pounds. This means not only can your littlest one play, but the older kids can take turns too. Plasma Car is made of high quality materials and is quite sturdy. The kids are having a blast riding the Plasma Car. Might have to go out and get another one so they can race. Even the older kids are enjoying it. I have to admit I gave it a whirl around the dining table.

 It actually corners really well and glides through smaller spaces so indoor play is doable. I was also pleased that it didn't leave marks on my floor from everyone riding around. A note: Plasma Car is not recommended for use on hardwood or laminate flooring.

Plasma Car is quite stylish as children's toys go. The one I received is red and black. Really cool since those happen to be our school's colors. Plasma Car is available in 5 different bright color options.

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Ready to buy? You can head on over to the Plasma Car website and get ya a whole garage full of these classy cars. They also have a store locator to find a Plasma Car dealer near you.

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