Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Buckalope Elementary

 I received a copy of Buckalope Elementary's new DVD  for review. In this DVD, Buckalope Elementary talks about "Careers". I love how it explains that wanting fame and fortune is fine , but there are so many more practical careers out there that can be just as fulfilling.
 Buckalope Elementary uses many "furry friends" to entertain children in a way that is educational and fun.
 The teacher sings about all of the different types of jobs available and how they are all important parts of society. Really gets the young ones thinking about their options. The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination.
 Buckalope Elementary also teaches the difference between hobbies and careers and how you  can have a job doing what you enjoy or are talented at. Like say you want to be an artist try being a graphic designer. Remember you can have several different careers over your lifetime. This  is a fabulous DVD for kids.

 Info from the sponsor:
Buckalope Elementary” is a puppet show geared for elementary school children (k-3) which promotes character development, career awareness, problem-solving, critical thinking, and above all, motivation. This program is grounded in educational theory and supported by research and over 10 years of personal experience as a teacher and counselor.  Please visit our website for more information.
An important feature of “Buckalope Elementary” is that all lessons conveyed are student-driven, to where kids themselves discover the meaning of the intended lessons and teach one another.  In addition, students model good character as they teach others the right thing to do and motivate and support each other. 

The program has also been praised for its songs, which capture the true essence of each lesson with their catchy lyrics, and memorable melodies.
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