Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Bite Weeknight Meals

 I was sent a copy of GOOD BITEWEEKNIGHT MEALS for review. This is a fun cookbook with recipes from food bloggers. I love the various sections in the book. The well stocked pantry is a great list of must haves so you can make dinnertime versatile and interesting everynight.
GOOD BITEWEEKNIGHT MEALS also includes secret ingredients of bloggers, techniques and tips, and  planning and prep ideas that save time and work in the kitchen.
The photography in GOOD BITEWEEKNIGHT MEALS is beautiful. There are pics of many of the recipes. Also included are questions and answers from well known food bloggers.
page 132
 We tried out a couple of recipes from the book. Smoked Sausage Sandwiches with Peppers and Onions p 132  and Kielbasa and Cabbage Skillet p 119

Recipe Sections include:
Chicken and Turkey
Beef and Lamb
Soups and Stews
Side Dishes

You can check out a video about GOOD BITEWEEKNIGHT MEALS.

 page 119
I was asked to share this info:
Spending an hour on a perfectly planned meal can be interesting and satisfying, but on most weeknights it’s unrealistic, if not impossible.  Enter the team at Good Bite—one of the fastest growing cooking websites in the country.  Good Bite features the web’s most influential food bloggers, on video, sharing their easy recipes for great tasting meals. GOOD BITEWEEKNIGHT MEALS (Wiley Hardcover; September 26, 2011; $29.99) compiles 140 recipes for quick and delicious family meals from the site's most popular contributors, with gorgeous full-color photography from Matt Armendariz of

The recipes in GOOD BITEWEEKNIGHT MEALS were developed by busy people in their home kitchens, and put to the test against real-life situations: long workdays, conflicting schedules, and even picky eaters.  Most call for between 5-10 ingredients, and few require more than 15-30 minutes of hands-on cooking time.

Here are just a few of the stunningly simple yet downright delicious recipes you’ll find inside GOOD BITEWEEKNIGHT MEALS:

·         Inside-Out Chicken Pot Pie from Jenny Flake at Picky Palate makes a labor intensive dish quick and easy by using ready to eat rotisserie chicken and puff pastry sheets.

·         Grilled Lamp Chop Lollipops with Spinach & Tomato Couscous Salad from Laura’s Best Recipes is so elegant it’s hard to believe it comes together in under 30 minutes

·         Not just for the winter this slow cooker Blueberry Pulled Pork from Rachel Rappaport at Coconut & Lime keeps the kitchen cool and rewards cooks with rich and bright flavors thanks to in-season ingredients

·         Parmesan-Crusted Fish with Lemon-Dill Sauce from Catherine McCord at Weelicious will convert even the most fish-resistant kids into fish fanatics with its cheesy crust and delicious dipping sauce

Recipes are divided into six chapters centered on the main ingredient (i.e. “Chicken & Turkey”) plus additional chapters focus on “Soups & Stews” and “Sides”.  Many recipes include Make it Easy Tips—quick tricks from the bloggers that they employ when making the dish at home.  Other key features include suggested substitutions for less common ingredients, as well as serving suggestions for how to round out a main dish into a complete meal.

GOOD BITEWEEKNIGHT MEALS brings the best of the blogosphere into the home kitchen, with inspiration and cooking wisdom to turn any dinner into a meal to remember.

Owned and operated by DECA, is one of the most popular cooking sites on the web. Good Bite has a simple mission: to bring together the most influential food bloggers in one place, and feature delicious, everyday recipes in original videos.  The list of contributors is a “Who’s Who” of cooking talent, featuring bloggers from Steamy Kitchen, Simply Recipes, Gluten-Free Girl, Weelicious, Picky Palate, and many more.

Ready to buy? You can get yourself a copy at Amazon.

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