Sunday, September 4, 2011

Julian Bakery

Julian Bakery sent us over some of their delicious breads for review.. We got to try out three of these tasty and healthy loaves.

 The Breads:

  Smart Carb # 1 Bread (1 Net Carb) - $7.99
This is the # 1 Low Carb Bread on the Market with only 1 Net Carb. This bread is perfect for any low carb diet or for keeping a lean physique with 12g of Protein & Fiber Per Slice this bread is amazing. 1 1/2 lb., Sliced Loaf

Excellent Flavoor. This is a really hearty bread. I love the texture. I like when you get the occasional bit of sprous in my mouth. Little bits of yummy crunchiness.

 Amazing Sourdough (Low Calorie & Low Carb) - $6.99
This is a low calorie, low carb sourdough sliced loaf bead that only has 60 calories, 4 Net Carbs, and 5g of protein per slice. Flavorful. 1-1/2lbs

Smells like fresh baked sourdoughbread right from the oven. Yumm.
Very soft. Excellent sourdough flavor. Tastes amazing on a sandwich. Quite light for a sourdough bread. Delicious.

Smart Carb #2 (Cinnamon Raisin)(2 Net Carbs) - $7.99
Smart Carb #2 - An amazing cinnamon raisin low carb bread that is delicious anytime of the day. It has a wonderful cinnamon flavor with a few raisins. Makes amazing low carb french toast! (Only 2 Net Carbs) 1 1/2 lb., Sliced Loaf

Nice loaf of cinnamon flavored bread. Not overly sweet. Not to many raisins. I like it toasted.

Julian Bakery sells products in these categories:

Julian Bakery Standards

Quality is the heart of the Julian Bakery. Great care is taken to select wholesome, chemical free grains, seeds and nuts for stone grinding and in conjunction with a slow culturing process to provide the consumer with the best benefits bread can offer, full of amino acids and complex carbohydrates.

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