Tuesday, August 16, 2011


  Tired of paying your hard earned money for fresh produce only to throw it away because it goes bad in your fridge. I know I am.  Bluapple can help. Bluapple sent me a couple of their wonderful Bluapples for review.

How does it work?
ethylene gas is given off by all living plants -- When you buy fruit and vegetables and store them in your refrigerator ethylene gas builds up, and because fruits and vegetables are still living, they begin to quickly ripen as a result.   This is a major reason we all throw out so much spoiled produce!

Bluapple is based on technology that has been used in ships, warehouses and trucks for many years to absorb and neutralize the ethylene gas buildup.  the Bluapple does not release any gas or chemical at all, but only acts as an ethylene gas super-flypaper, constantly removing this harmful gas from your produce storage area.  The Bluapple is not a "magic" pill, but a scientific, essential part of keeping produce fresh.   When produce was cheap, no one cared, but as prices have risen, it became apparent that a very beneficial product for the home could make a huge difference.

My produce drawer after using the Bluapple
 I tested out the Bluapple and was extremely pleased with the results. We actually left produce in the fridge drawer to see how well Bluapple worked. I have to admit coming home after vacation I was a bit scared of what I might find.
 I opened the produce drawer and was literally shocked to find my produce looked as good as the day I bought it. Wow. These things really do work. Hubby was impressed too. He gets tired of me having to throw out produce because it went bad before we ate it. Have y'all noticed that produce seems to go bad  much faster than it used to?  That is why I was extremely impressed with the results of the Bluapple test. I think these are definitely worth the money.

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