Saturday, August 20, 2011

Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods

 Erin Baker's Wholesome Baked Goods sent over some of their great Breakfast Cookies, granola and Brownie bites fr review. These are a fantastic way to start the day. Check out the great items I was able to try.

 Banana Walnut

  This breakfast cookie is moist and chewy. You can feeel the whole grains in every bite. Very filling with the flavor of walnuts and bananas.

A favorite for everyone here at the bakery! We use fresh banana puree, premium walnuts and whole grain oats to create this cookie which tastes a lot like banana bread, especially if you toast it!

 Chocolate Chunk Raisin

 Whole grain goodness surrounds raisins and chocolate bits. Nutritious and satisfying.

A healthy classic! A healthy twist on a serious classic. Pairing Belgian chocolate chunks and juicy raisins makes for a rich and delicious Breakfast Cookie.


Fruit and Nut Minis

Texture is like a soft oatmeal cookie with a hint of spice. Has a lovely fruity aftertaste.

Perfect snack-size!
We made our original and most popular flavor into the perfect snack-size cookie. Full of dried apricots, plump California raisins, and premium walnuts, along with whole grain oats, they are perfect in your kids' lunch box or desk drawer for the afternoon munchies.

Double Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Mini

Tastes like a brownie with a wonderful whole grain texture. Moist cookie with a chocolaty aftertaste.

Our most requested flavor now in mini size!
If you dream of having chocolate for breakfast . . . this is your cookie. Loaded with whole grain oats, unsweetened cocoa and Belgian chocolate chunks, it's totally legal, we promise! 

 Homestyle Fruit and Nut Granola

Chewy and really delicious. I love the combination of flavors. Very Tasty. This is my favorite product from Erin Baker's

Loaded with fruit and nuts!
This Granola eats like a trail mix, loaded with walnut halves, plump cranberries and raisins with a hint of honey and toasted coconut. The fresh-baked quality adds to the delicious experience.

Erin Baker's sells products in these great categories:

Original Breakfast Cookies
Homestyle Granola
Ultra Protein Granola
Breakfast Cookie Minis
Brownie Bites
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