Saturday, August 27, 2011

Calabasas Candy Company

 We here at Texas Kitchen got to try out a couple of the great tasting candies available from Calabasas Candy Company.

First up was:

1/2 lb. Uncut Dark Chocolate Caramel

  Dark chocolate flavor comes through on this delightfully sticky and chewy candy. Would be perfect with fresh fruit like apples.

This is our same delicious dark chocolate caramel, but just more of it! You will get two 1/4 lb. uncut bars for a total of 1/2 lb. of dark chocolate caramel.  Each bar is first wrapped in clear cello wrap, then in white parchment paper and tied at the ends with sating ribbon.

Peppermint flavored Marshmallows. They are not even available on the site yet but I tell you they have amazing peppermint flavor. These would make really good holiday smores.They are light and fluffy. Very creamy and delicious.

Calabasas Candy sells products in these categories:

Ready to buy? Head on over to Calabasas Candy Company and get ya some of these tasty treats.

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