Friday, August 12, 2011

Johnsonville's fantastic NEW Brat and Italian Burgers

The burger got a makeover, and pork lovers are celebrating! 
  Texas Kitchen was invited by One2One Network to review Johnsonville's fantastic NEW Brat and Italian Burgers. These are available at Wal-Mart in the Frozen meat section. 

My Tri Pepper  Brat Burger
 I love that the patties are ready to cook right from the freezer. No worries about remembering to take something out for dinner. You are set to go with Johnsonville. 

 The burger we made used the Johnsonville Brat Burger. We served ours on fresh 9 grain bread. Our burgers were topped with grilled tri colored pepper and sweet onions. We dressed the burger with a lovely garlic mayo.

The flavor of the meat was excellent. We really enjoyed the thickness of the patty and the fact that it was laden with fat like some pork is. This meat was very lean.

  I have to say they turned out amazing. That same great Johnsonville quality shines through in this new time saving product. They are as delicious as they are easy. Giveem a try.

Build your best burger using Johnsonville Brat or Italian Sausage Patties, and you could win a year’s worth of groceries from WalMart in the “No Ordinary Burger Contest!”

Ignite your inspiration with pork and get grilling!
Now through September 6, log on to the contest page and submit your recipe and vote for your favorite pork burger.  Two grand prize winners will be awarded one year's worth of groceries and their winning recipes featured on Johnsonville Brat and Italian Sausage Patty boxes. 

Check the link for the official contest rules

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Ready to buy? Head on over to your local Wal-Mart and hit the freezer section. Have some tonight.

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