Monday, August 8, 2011

WayFare Foods

 WayFare Foods sent over some of their great Absolutely No Animal Ingredients! products for review. Being allergic to cow's milk makes it hard to find anything that even resembles cheese or sour cream flavor, and don't get me started on pudding.

Check out all these awesome foods available from Way Fare:

We Can't Say It's Cheese - Cheddar Spread
The best cheddar cheese flavor I have ever had without milk as an ingredient. Wow

We Can't Say It's Cheese - Hickory Spread-
Smells smoky and and delicious. Tastes absolutely wonderful. Super smooth and creamy. Real cheddar flavor with a bold kick of hickory. Delicious.

We Can't Say It's Cheese Cheddar Sauce -
amazing flavor. super creamy this is a perfect "Cheese" sauce for noodles, veggies, fondue etc...

We Can't Say It's Cheese - Mexi Cheddar -
Take that same great smooth delicious cheese and add a twist of Mexican spice. Excellent on nachos. I even like it as a twist on steamed veggies.

We Can't Say It's Sour Cream-Super smooth and creamy. Excellent flavor. Used it on a baked potato. Supurb. Being allergic to cow's milk this gives me and anyone else who has dietary restrictions a fantastic tasting option.

WayFare Pudding - Vanilla-excellent creamy vanilla flavor. Texture is really smooth. Not to sweet. Can't believe I can eat this. No milk, no soy.

WayFare Pudding - Chocolate Rich Creamy dark chocolate flavor. Not to sweet, no bitterness. Excellent after dinner or an afternoon snack. Really Really Good.

WayFare Pudding - Butterscotch-couldn't ask for a better butterscotch flavor. Creamy and delightful

WayFare Foods products are made from the best ingredients possible. Check out the description from their website:

No Fake Stuff – One factor that fueled the desire to create WayFare was our disappointment in the “phony” ingredients we found in most alternatives. Early on, we became committed to eliminating additives that are engineered to manipulate foods to achieve desired effects.

Simple – The mile-long ingredients lists found in most “alternatives” just weren’t for us. You’ll find all our products contain the simplest ingredients, few in number. 

Organics – WayFare strives to use organic ingredients to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, we are striving to continually secure better organic sources.

Want to know more: 

Here is where you can find the information on WayFare Food's view on the environment?  They even have a section called The Well where you can find Wholeness Education by Topic. I love this company. You can also check out their recipe page

100% Dairy Free • All Natural • Certified Gluten-Free
• No Trans Fats • Soy Free • Vegan • No GMOs
• No Cholesterol • Kosher Pareve •

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Ready to buy? Head on over to WayFare Foods and check out their store locator to find out where you can get ya some.

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