Thursday, August 11, 2011

Your Best Face

 The nice people over at Your Best Face Skincare sent me over a sampling of their products for review.
Check out the stuff I got to test out:

Our new dream cream helps your skin look healthy, feel matte and be calm.

This bluish white cream smells kind of like the ocean. Does not smooth on as easily as the rest. Leaves my face looking brighter without shiny spots.  Love that it helps keep my face free from breakouts.


Defend against wrinkles and maintain youthful skin. Reduce oil and shine, hydrate and tone

This one smells like almonds. Just a few drops go a long way. Slight tingling sensation when applied. Make sure you let it dry thoroughly before applying other products. Diminishes oily patches on skin.

Brighten, hydrate and refresh skin. Diminish dark spots and enhance your complexion. 

This one also smells like almonds. Slides on beautifully. Is soothing and cooling on the skin. Smooths into skin easily, you don't need much. I could definitely tell it evened out my skin tone.


Increases natural hydration, soothes & protects skin with vitamins B5, B3 and DMAE.

No real fragrance to this one. Sinks deeply into pores. No oily residue. Face appears hydrated after application.

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