Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blooming Bath

 Y'all, I was asked to review one of the cutest products I have seen in years. Blooming Bath is this amazing way to keep baby super comfy while bathing in the sink. And just think of how many cute baby pics you can get in this beauty.

The material of the Baby Bath is so soft I can't begin to describe it. I mean it is softer than petting a bunny. Really Really soft for baby's delicate skin. I personally love this bath aide. No worries about baby bumping any tiny parts on the hard edges of a sink.

You also don't have to deal with cold sinks bugging baby while he or she is enjoying their bath.

 When your finished bathing your young one all you have to do is rinse out the Blooming Bath and put it in the dryer according to package instructions, or simply hang it up to dry with the convenient hang tag on the bag.

Their Description:
Unique and boutique-ish, Blooming Bath is a cute, cuddly and convenient way to bathe your baby. Unlike traditional baby bath tubs, Blooming Bath is made from incredibly soft, plush materials — providing a safe, soft, and unbelievably adorable bathing experience for the most important person in your world. It really is the ideal baby gift for any expecting mother.

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Ready to buy one or two  Blooming Baths? Head on over to Blooming Bath and get one for yourself or someone you love. They come in yellow or blue.

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