Saturday, September 17, 2011

Breezy Spring Harvest of Heaven Crunchy Chips

Breezy Spring sent over some of their super tasty Harvest of Heaven Crunchy Chips for the family to check out. All I can say is Wow. These are a fantastic way to get kids to eat their fruits and veggies. They come in perfect sized packages for lunch boxes or desk drawers at work. What a fun pick you up snack  at the office.
No MSG, wheat or gluten.

 All-Natural Dehydrated Snacks
Designed for active people, Harvest of Heaven Snacks provide a fast and creative alternative for daily fiber and nutrient intake. After the freshest ingredients are selected and then processed with the latest technology, we packaged them in our unique containers to preserve the crispness and freshness. Now you can enjoy all-natural goodies anytime, anywhere! 
 Let's check out all the great varieties available: 

Carrot - Large slices of salty sweet amazingly tasty carrots. All-Natural, pure, wonderful, way better than I imagined.


Sweet Potato - Tastes similar to those shoestring potatoes I used to eat as a child. Wonderfully crisp.

Shitake- Wow. I was curious about this one. It tastes really really god. Love that the mushrooms hold their shape. I am impressed. Delightfully different.


Taro - Crispy deep purple taro is a beautiful as it is delicious. Love finding new veggies to enjoy

Green Beans -  I'm a big fan of green bean chips. These don't dissapoint. Fresh green bean flavor in the aftertaste.

Apple - Peels and all this is a super crunchy deliciously sweet treat for the tongue.


Pineapple - Sweet, crunchy with a wonderfully addictive pineapple aftertaste. I can't get enough.

Banana - Lovely banana flavor explodes in your mouth.


Mixed fruit -  Awesome list of ingredients. Really enjoy the starfruit. Like a tropical explosion in my mouth.
Mixed Veggie -  Extremely colorful mix of even more varieties of delicious veggies. My kind of snacking. Okra rocks your taste buds.

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Ready to buy? Head on over to Breezy Spring and get ya some of these great snack options. They even have a store locator to find Harvest of Heaven and their other products near you.

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