Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thrive Foods 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health by Brendan Brazier

I was sent Thrive Foods - 200 Plant-Based Recipes for Peak Health by Brendan Brazier from my friends over at Da Capo Books. This is a highly informative book.

Thrive Foods shows how to reduce nutritional stress on the body by eating properly and reducing over consumption. Let's face it y'all we have an obesity problem in this country. Thrive Foods is a great way to find 200 nutrient dense recipes that  are not only good for you but taste great too.

  Thrive Foods also has a section devoted to the effects of food production and transportation on the environment. Eating local and raw foods helps reduce overuse of the land and emissions caused by transporting foods across the country and across the world.
Y'all will also learn that eating foods in their raw form helps foods retain their nutrients.

 Let's try a recipe from Thrive Foods. I found this yummy treat "Stuffed Mushrooms" on page 178 of the book. There are so many fabulous recipes in this book. I chose a recipe with ingredients found in most grocery stores. Many of the recipes have ingredients that you will need to get at your local health food store.

 Excellent flavor, fresh, crisp and delicious. I love the colors and textures in this dish. Looking forward to trying the next recipe soon.

Recipe categories include:
Soups and Sides
Spreads, Dips, Sauces and Dressings
Main Dishes
Grazing Snacks
Energy Bars and Gels


Focusing on an environmentally friendly diet, Brendan Brazier's new book builds on the stress-reducing, health-boosting nutritional philosophy introduced in Thrive. Finding creative ways to use basic ingredients such as kale, blueberries, and wild rice, Thrive Foods recipes are plant-based and nutritionally complete. They utilize the power of superfoods such asmaca, chia, hemp, and chlorella and avoid ingredients like wheat, yeast, gluten, soy, dairy, and corn.If you're looking for sustainable energy, high-quality sleep, physical strength, and mental sharpness to meet modern-day demands, Thrive Foods is your go-to recipe source.

Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier, professional Ironman triathlete and creator of VEGA, an award-winning plant-based nutritional line, is regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on athleticism and plant-based nutrition. He lives in Los Angeles, California, and Vancouver, British Colombia.

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