Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sidral Mundet Apple Flavored Soft Drink

I got the chance to try out a wonderfully apple flavored soda water from Sidral Mundet. Let me tell y'all. this stuff is awesome.

 The Green Apple smells like fresh apples. Amazing green apple flavor. Not overly carbonated, not overly sweet. Absolutely delicious and refreshing.

The original Apple flavor is full of fresh apple tastiness. Really really good.  I will be keeping both of these in the fridge year-round. Y'all gotta try this soda.

Product description from their website:

 Sidral Mundet’s apple-flavored soft drink comes from Mexico and is popular for its great taste which comes from real apples and not artificial flavors. NO KIDDING, look at the ingredients NO artificial flavoring. All flavors come from the third item on the list: “Apple Juice”
Made with natural sugar, Sidral Mundet boasts a unique and delicious taste.
Mundet started in 1902 when Porfirio Diaz was still governing Mexico, and Pancho Villa was known as Jose Doreoteo and being a tough revolutionary was a distant thought.
Today, Sidral Mundet is among the best known brands in Mexico and one with great tradition. Sidral Mundet still maintains its high quality because its flavor comes from apple juice and it is pasteurized which guarantees its quality and freshness.
So clean and refreshing, Mexican mothers trusted it and would give their children Sidral Mundet when they had upset stomachs to provide hydration and still today Sidral Mundet is used among Mexican grownups when dealing with a stomach ache or to aide in a more grownup condition: “Cruda”
But Sidral Mundet does not live in the past and continues to be a contemporary brand known for its high quality, great taste and adaptability to the present. Today, Mundet increased its flavors and introduced Mundet GREEN APPLE, tangy and refreshing also made with apple as a flavoring.
Choose your favorite or drink both.

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