Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sanomedics Talking Non-Contact Thermometer

  I was sent a Sanomedics  Talking Non-Contact Thermometer for review. This is an amazing new product for everyone. You can use this wonderful product on every member of your family, not just baby. One of the things I really like is there is No Germy Concerns because you do not have to touch the ill person with the thermometer.

 The Sanomedics  Talking Non-Contact Thermometer is a great addition to any first aid kit. I like that it emits and audible temperature. This way I don't have to get out my reading glasses to see the temperature.

 Temps can be taken in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Lets you view the last 32 temperatures taken so you have a record when you need one. I also like that you have three language options: French, Spanish and English. These are easily changeable with the push of a button.

 Here is the description from their website:

Taking a child’s temperature has historically been a dreaded task. In the past, the procedure has been invasive, regardless of the area of the body used to obtain the reading. Afraid or uncomfortable with a strange object being held inside or pushed firmly against their bodies, children often squirm and move, making an accurate reading very difficult to obtain.
The Talking Non-Contact Thermometer by Thermomedics provides you with a non-invasive way to take your child’s temperature – even while they are sleeping! It comes fully assembled and requires almost no set-up, other than installing the batteries that come included with the unit!
And it’s incredibly easy to use. Simply aim the unit’s sensor toward the forehead, two inches from the skin*, and press the button…and in one second the temperature reading is displayed on the viewer!
Why Choose the Talking Non-Contact Thermometer?
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for everyone
  • High mobility
Also, the device’s non-contact technology allows you to check much more than a person’s temperature: The unit can be used to check the temperature of a feeding bottle, or of food – or even bath water!
How Does It Work? All living matter releases energy via radiation. The strength depends on the temperature. The Talking Non-Contact Thermometer by Thermomedics uses cutting-edge technology to measure the temperature of a person based on the energy that person is releasing.
*Temperature can also be taken behind the earlobe.

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