Thursday, September 1, 2011

San Francisco Salt Company

  We at Texas Kitchen were blessed to get to sample some amazing salt from the San Francisco Salt Company The salt we received was the Pure Pacific Flake Salt. This is a delicious addition to so many foods. We tried it out on three different dishes to show it's versatility.
Grilled chicken w/steamed veggies
  We had the salt in my Hubby's famous grilled chicken rub. The Pacific Flake Salt added an amazing flavor to the chicken. This salt stands out, so don't use to much. 
 We tried the salt on some fresh steamed veggies. I feel that the flavor of these veggies was improved immensely by the salt.  Really brings out the natural flavors in foods.
 We also added the Pacific Flake salt to some freshly popped popcorn. Those little flakes of salty goodness floating around the bowl on light as air popped corn. Turns a light snack into something special.

8oz Chef's Jar - Pure Pacific Flake Salt Origin: USA
Description: All natural Flake Sea Salt from the Pacific Sea.
Packaging: 8oz Chefs Jar with wooden scoop
Grain Size: Natural Flake
Properties: Kosher, natural white color, contains no anti-caking agents
Ingredients: Pure Pacific Flake Sea Salt
Uses: Gourmet Food Salt, culinary

Pure Pacific Flake Salt
Pristine Pacific Flake Sea Salt, chosen for its natural purity. This select gourmet artisan salt is perfect for all occasions. Its crisp and flakey texture is perfect for absorbing flavors and enhancing any culinary dish.
Whether you’re an amateur chef who is passionate about food and loves to cook at home or a professional chef, Pacific Flake Salt is a great staple salt for all culinary enthusiasts alike. No kitchen should be without a bottle of pure Pacific Flake Sea Salt!

San Francisco Salt Company sells Gourmet Salts in these categories:

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