Friday, September 2, 2011

Himalayan Salt Shop Lamp

 Himalayan Salt Shop sent over a beautiful lamp for review. I have always liked Himalayan Salt Lamps from the moment I saw one. They are absolutely gorgeous. I love the natural feel and look of them. So rustic. The glow from the lamp is not only soothing but I understand it has health benefits as well.

 The one I received is the Himalayan Salt Lamp (6-8 lbs.)This lamp is truly beautiful. The glow that illuminates my living room when it is on is enough to see pretty well. The ambiance is changed. Very soothing and kind of romantic. like candlelight without the flame. Can't get much better than that. Beautiful and good for you. Hubby even likes it.

info from website:

This 6-8 lb. Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp is a common first purchase. It is still on the small side, but big enough for sufficient ionization of a small bedroom. It allows you the luxury of significant ionization at a low price. Those who wish to start their ionization process in their bedroom typically look for this lamp. From our experiences, the people who start out this way usually enjoy the lamp and decide to furnish additional rooms in the home.

Crystal Height 7 - 8 Inches
Crystal Width 5 - 7 Inches
Crystal Weight 6 - 8 Lbs
Protection Area 10x10 Sq.ft
*Includes UL listed cord, bulb, wooden base, and informational sheet 

 I love that the lamps come in so many shapes and sizes. So there is a lamp for everyone. Want to buy one for a friend , but not sure which lamp to get? Good news, they have Gift Certificates.
Remember, I told y'all these beauties are good for you too. Here is a bit of information on the health benefits
of using a natural salt lamp in your home: 

(info in italics is from the Himalayan Salt Shop website)

A salt lamp promotes the health and wellness of everybody living in the household; it is recognized for its air-cleansing ability aside from its aesthetics. 

When used, the heat that is emitted by the bulb or by the flame makes the salt lamp emit ions that are negatively charged. These negative ions then help produce cleaner air. How can the salt lamp actually do this? The air is composed of many elements. These elements include ions which are pollutants such as dust particles that are not easily seen by the naked eye. Pollutants make up most of the air particles and they are also positively charged ions. The action of the salt lamp is to neutralize these positive ions through emitting negative ions. When this happens, the neutralized substances get heavy and ultimately fall, eliminating them from the normal air circulation, thereby eliminating pollution. Electronic devices used at home also produce electro-smog which can affect the concentration as well as the breathing of individuals. Ironically, many mechanical air ionizers that are meant to clean the air actually produce pollution of their own. With a salt lamp, this electro-smog is significantly repressed; in fact, the salt lamp helps eliminate electro-smog of other devices in the home such as personal computers. Salt lamps will not only complement the natural look of your home but they will also encourage health and wellness through a clean environment. Also, a salt lamp not only enhances the health of an individual, but it also helps in keeping other ailments and allergies at bay. For an inexpensive and easy way of boosting the health of your family, try lighting a salt lamp.
*All information is for educational purposes only.
Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider.

Want to know more? Check out their salt lamp information page.

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Ready to buy? Head on over to Himalayan Salt Shop and get ya some of these awesome lamps.
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