Saturday, September 3, 2011

Accent Decor

 Accent Decor is one of those fun shops where you can find home decor inspired by the world.  Accent Decor, which opened on Jun 22, 2011 is the creation of Marosi White. She is the designer/ owner of this wonderful design studio.


A bit about this talented lady:

 Marosi White is passionate about offering home decor items that are authentic in craftsmanship, sustainable in nature, durable in quality and transitinal in style. Her design style can best be described as transitional, with brilliant influences of bold prints and patterns, exotic textures and organic elements. 

I received two beautiful creations from Accent Decor for review.

exotic and lovely

 The first is a lovely small spoon and fork set carved out of ebony. The detail in the carving is artistically done. I love that Marosi chose ebony as it is such a beautiful wood.

bold patterns

 The second item is a gorgeous set of napkin rings, carved out of wood and hand painted. The stripes are painted on so well they appear to be part of the wood. Looks like they are inlay-ed instead of painted. Beautiful.

Giveaway Prize

 Ready to buy? Head over to Accent Decor and get ya some. Marosi also sells pillow covers, textiles, tapestry fabrics and desk accessories.

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